Moto G Google Play Edition revealed

Motorola G GPe

A Google Play Edition of the Motorola G has just been added to Google’s Play Devices web store. The popular device, that has recently been selling for as little as £99 here in the UK, appears to have made the leap to Google Play Edition status without any hardware changes, although there has been no official announcement from Google as of yet (see update) aside from the device suddenly appearing on the store.


Both the 8GB and 16GB editions of the device have been Google-ified, although these appear to be US only at the moment. The 8GB US edition will set back buyers $179, a relatively low cost for the Google Experience when compared to other GPe phones like the HTC One and the Galaxy S4. More as we have it.

Update: The following post just appeared on the Android Google+ page:

We just launched a new device, the Moto G, Google Play edition, available now on Google Play in the US:

Source: Google Play (8GB, 16GB)

Via: @NeilThomas0


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