Tough on microbes, gentle on primates

Hands up who washes their hands after using their smartphone? What about, who uses an antibacterial screen cleaner or wipe on their smartphone or tablet? Anyone, anyone at all? Given that the average smartphone has more germs on it than the average toilet seat it might be worth thinking about. Alternatively you could ensure your next smartphone has Corning Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass on it.

Anitimicrobial-v2The new glass is as strong as normal Gorilla Glass but due to an ionic silver component the glass actively kills any nasty microbes that get onto your phone, think bacteria, fungi, mould, the whole lot. In fact it reduces amounts by up to 3 log units, that’s a 99.9% reduction, which is pretty impressive. No word on any products using it yet but hopefully manufacturers will chose to use it over normal Gorilla Glass, so should see it in tablets and phones within the next year or so.


Source: Corning


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