Samsung patent dual display smartphone

Samsung and LG seem to be having a competition at the moment to produce weird and wacky phone designs, with the LG Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round leading the race at the moment. Samsung’s next step is to patent the design of a folding dual display smartphone, which they aim to release before 2015. The design looks very similar to the Sony Tablet P, but also borrows from the Lenovo Yoga laptops being able to fold back upon itself to act as a stand.

samsung fold 1

Samsung haven’t just come up with a design patent and left it at that they have put some thought into the various uses of a dual display device, such as viewing attachments or a clipboard of copied items like you would be able to on the side of an Office program.

samsung fold 2

Other uses include multiplayer gaming around a table with your opponent being able to see one screen and you another, think battleships and you get the idea, taking pictures, being able to use one screen as a viewfinder for selfies and providing extra detail on the calendar without eating into screen estate showing the month view.

I do wonder how practical it would be and also how large the phone would have to be to fit this all in but there are still almost 2 years of technological advancement to go so who knows what may be developed between now and then.

Source: Patent bolt

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