Carphone Warehouse launch quite possibly the greatest phone in the world

So, you know how we’ve kinda reached a plateau with mobile phones? Surely you’ve heard people saying that new handsets don’t have the same “wow” factor that they once had?

Well there’s something new. Something that’ll replace your flashy iPhone 5s or your Samsung Galaxy S4. You’re going to want to flush those things down the toilet in a minute because this… this is going to change everything. Honestly, your iPhone is like a block of wood compared to this thing. This is the single greatest phone ever. It’ll spin the world backwards with its’ greatness …….. and it costs a mere 50 quid.

It is…. THE BRICK. Da-da-DAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Designed by Binatone, when it rings you can hear the 1980’s calling (joking), because it’s an 80’s style mobile phone. Not only that, but it includes that retro mobile game – Snake!

Snake! It’s got S N A K E !

You can use it two different ways, either by connecting it to your existing mobile phone via Bluetooth or you can whack a SIM card in a use it as your main phone. Oh yeah! 2G action, all the way and it’s got a torch too. This. Just. Rocks.


It doesn’t weigh anywhere near as much as those original handsets, it’s just 206 grams and even has a microSD card slot so that you can pipe out some tunes via the speaker. The best bit? The battery lasts for ONE WHOLE MONTH!!

This, my friends, is innovation. If we can’t go any further forwards, let’s go back. It’s got an aerial… an actual aerial. None of this retractable rubbish – that daft 90’s tech has no place in these parts. An aerial… an actual aerial. It’s all bringing a tear to my eye, it really is. Oh… I can’t cope… Here, have some pictures….

Get yourself down to Carphone Warehouse to bag one exclusively (for the next two weeks, then it’s available elsewhere). Get one, take it home, then put one of those VHS tapes into the video recorder, rewind the tape, then submerge yourself in the 80’s…

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