• phillip norton

    I have a 920 myself but I’m waiting for the new nokia next month

  • Anonymous

    I don’t quite understand why it makes any difference what Smartphone OS you have if you use a Mac.

    If you’ve already invested heavily in iOS and Android, I could understand why you wouldn’t want to go and re-buy everything, but the ‘having a Mac and not wanting to give it up’ argument makes no sense at all.

    I also still can’t quite fathom what some people like so much about Windows 8 (on the phone, tablet or PC). I find all of them intuitive to a point, then it all appears to get… awkward! Sure, the phones feel smooth and fairly slick, but it’s still quite a restrictive OS, and it seems to love getting in the way of what you want to do. I still feel far more at home with both iOS and Android (for different reasons). Maybe it’s because I’m not much of a social network geek.

  • Anonymous

    Not quite true about Google calendars not syncing. While the easy set up for Google accounts has gone, (annoying), you can still set up your Google account via the advanced set up dialogue. Put everything in manually and you can sync email, contacts and calendar as usual. Not quite as easy as it was before the MS Google spat, but not too tricky…

  • Gabriel

    this phone looks nice, but feels like a stop-gap between Lumia 920 and the next big generation gap to WP8.1. Even the 41MP phone next month will be more of a niche phone. (i.e. most people aren’t fussed enough to have photo perfection and trade off carrying a big hump on back of phone).