• Martin

    Wow, that is one expensive machine. The keys backlighting not being visible in daylight seems strange, you surely wouldn’t need that, after reading your reasoning that seems like a bad design error, especially on a £1000 device, style over function perhaps? Poor battery life on a device that costs this much is a no-no too. I’ve done a search and the i5 is £999(ish) the i7 version would be £1200 I think. But an i7 in a device like this, as impressive as it sounds would drive the battery life down even more. For that sort of cash I’d buy a proper old school Windows 7 laptop and spend the rest on a Transformer TF300.

    Anyways, good review James, makes me not want to buy one!

    I have a Transformer Prime, it does everything I expect from it. I can play games on it, read emails, watch movies / tv episodes (primary purpose). I don’t use it to work on, the keyboard is very slow to keep up with typing (either the dock or the screen). I didn’t buy it to work on so no biggie, who buys an Android tablet to work on? Yes some websites don’t work properly, I have got round this by having 3 different browsers, if it doesn’t work in one, it’ll work in another, pain in the bum sometimes but I live with it and it doesn’t stress me out. I really do like my Prime, best gadget I have ever bought, EVER! For work I have a Dell Windows 7 laptop which will do me fine till it dies.

    The one thing that really bugs me about the Prime, the poxy charger voltage, it is so difficult to get a ‘good’ spare power unit with the correct voltages. iPad chargers are 10 a flippin penny!

  • Dale Wilks

    ‘Windows 8 is a mess’? In what way, James? Then again, your ‘Modern Interface screenshot’ looks like someone has pasted every sort of tile you can get, all over the shop – please don’t try to tell me you *use* all of them? (Says Dale, on a Surface Pro)

  • Paul

    Nicely written, with honest points well made.

    Any chance of some photos of the actual ultrabook so we can see exactly what it is you’re reviewing please :)

  • James Pearce

    Hi Paul
    For some reason the entire gallery of images removed itself at some point during the day. Apologies.

  • James Pearce

    Hi Dale
    The screenshot was to emphasise the five rows that’s all.
    Windows 8 is a mess refers to the split personality it has. Just my opinion of course.
    Also I wrote most of this on my Surface RT so it’s not that all that bad.

  • James Pearce

    Yeah I’ve still got my Transformer Prime. Haven’t used it in a while, to many Windows 8 tablets to distract me.

  • Harv

    Didn’t you feel the screen was on upside down at the edges? It feels unfinished. The bottom of the machine was nice and beveled..but the screen was stepped..and the wrong way. I had it for 2 days…and had to send it back cos the screen edge bugged me that much when i opened it and closed it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dipstick13 Alwyn Williams

    hi if your not using your transformer prime how about sending it my ha ha