An animated GIF on your lock screen


I know what you’re thinking.. “Hey Leigh, why isn’t there a way to make my lock screen more fun? I’d love to fill it with animated GIFs that change every few seconds. Also, by writing all this down you won’t need an introduction to the news item you’re posting.”


If you want possibly the post amazing random GIF images in the world on your lock screen, go ahead and search for “Animated GIF Lockscreen” in the Play store. The images will scroll around and you can pin the one you like best. It’s quite possibly the greatest thing since they invented the Curly Wurly. COME ON!!! GRAB IT NOW!!! RaaarRRRRrrRRrr!!

I need a lie down…

Link – Google Play

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  • Paddy

    Forgot this is why people buy android …lol kids will love it