• Lee Smart

    Jelly Bean’s Daydream mode is open to 3rd-party software so that you can install an app that provides an additional Daydream option. I use Beautiful Widgets and my N7 has a very nice clock/weather animation running whilst sitting in my new dock. Google Currents has a news article Daydream and Flipboard has the same (latest versions anyway). I can see other software hooking into Daydream as JB gets more popular.

    As for your comment regarding the connection not feeling solid enough, all I can say is mine sits solidly in the dock and operating the N7 feels very natural. It doesn’t tip over when prodding the top of the screen and lifting it out to use “in-hand” has no resistance due to the spring-loaded pogo pins.

    For anyone who is interested, you can dock the N7 for charging/audio and still connect a USB OTG cable to access content on a USB stick (using StickMount or Nexus Media Importer) so long sessions watching films/TV etc don’t result in a flat battery.

    Nice design, solidly built, very convenient. Now I’ve tested it, I need two more….