• Martin

    Been waiting for this to surface, in photos it is certainly the nicest looking W8 phone.
    Look forward to the review….cracks whip.

  • Anonymous

    Minor detail, but *all* windows phones have a dedicated camera/shutter button. Its a hardware requirement.

    The press and hold to activate the camera (even when locked) feature is a real winner (available from day 1 with windows phone seldom reported) especially if you’re going to use the phone as your point and shoot camera.

  • http://twitter.com/filaodotorg filao.org

    My next phone is either this or the 920, it comes down to expandable memory vs. camera quality.

  • Stuart Millard

    I bought an Ativ S on PAYG from Phones4U a week ago for £390 (+£10 topup) and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s slick, light-as-a-feather, doesn’t feel plasticky and now that Nokia have released Drive for all Windows Phones, it’s got a killer feature too. Mine came with a 16Gb MicroSD card too, so has 32Gb storage in effect.

  • Trevor

    I’m very happy with my ATIV S and preferred it over other WP8 phones because of expandable memory and more conservative (I didn’t want a cheap looking coloured plastic body), yet sleek design. Battery cover is flimsy, but unless you’re whipping it on and off every 5 minutes, you’ll never notice. Once assembled the phone feels nice and solid.

    MicroSD expansion is up to 64GB (at least, SHXC max is theoretically more), not 32GB as stated. One issue I had is that the card must be formatted as FAT32 rather than the exFAT most cards come formatted as. I had to do this on a separate windows PC, so not great, as the phone’s format option uses exFAT! All works fine now (around 59GB capacity when formatted). Plenty of SIII users have encountered this issue, which is what the hardware of the ATIV S is based on, so there are resources out there for anyone running into problems.

    I would say that there is a slight delay when accessing the media on the MicroSD card. Not sure if that’s because of the huge capacity, something I did wrong, or the very reason WP7 avoided expandable storage – it leads to unpredictable performance and goes against the principles of a known hardware platform. Still, the delay is tiny and I’m more than happy to put up wit this so I can carry my entire music collection around with me, most of which is a bit obscure!

    By the way, my phone, which I bought out of contract and therefore unlocked, came with a Samsung 16GB MicroSD thrown in the box. Not sure if all retail packages are like that, but if so you’re really getting a phone with almost 32GB storage out of the box. With this card in the phone and a small amount of music on it there was no delay, so perhaps it’s something to do with the number of files and clusters on the drive that introduce delays.

    Enough waffling from me… Any questions you have about the phone, let me know and I’ll try to help.