• Jonerswebb

    Is it all uk handsets? How about a 3 uk branded device?

  • Peter Rich

    not happening on my S3 LTE

  • patch

    are the custom notifications like IOS with banner placement etc…

  • Murz

    Nothing yet on my UK sim free

  • itoyo

    Nothing here, on orange branded UK s3, CSC:LH2(ORA) is the latest firmware according kies. Android 4.0.4. must be regional! Or crap Samsung software

  • Peter Rich

    Just spoke to Orange. Apparantly the 4.1.2 upgrade is “in testing” at the moment with no information yet on the eventual release date to Orange/EE customers

  • Anonymous

    When will it be OTA too?

  • Steve

    Really don’t want to use Odin etc but firstly Kies won’t update to latest version, so can’t get upgrade :(

  • Peter Rich

    I have Android 4.1.1 out of the box on my S3 LTE (Orange/EE) What difference will 4.1.2 make when it finally arrives?

  • Peter Rich

    Hooray. Finally got Android 4.1.2 vie Kies one my S3 LTE (Orange/EE) Now to find out what’s different!

  • Phoenix142

    Nothing on my pure EE S3 LTE either… Latest version runnin 4.1.1