Windows 8 gets aped on an Android tablet.. for children

Whilst randomly browsing around I stumbled across this rather interesting Android tablet at ToysRUs. The tablet and the interface is designed for children, and the fairly low-end device has a 10.1″ screen with front camera, WiFi and micro-SD expansion.


But I couldn’t help noticing the similarities between this toy and the Windows RT devices we’re seeing trickle out. Is it flattery or a sign that the ex-Metro Windows RT / Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 interface has been dumbed down a little too much?

You decide…


The Windows one is at the bottom…

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  • Ubuntu Bhoy

    I do think that’s part of the point with win 8 though. Making an the OS that’s incredibly simple for non techie folk to use.

  • Ronnie Whelan

    The Windows one is at the bottom…



    Please can someone explain why this kids tablet has a Facebook tile? Really?