• Malcolm

    Misleading headline Simon, google doesn’t make any of these devices. a truthful headline wouldnt give you good SEO though!

  • Simon Allum

    They are all Google branded and sold as Google Nexus Devices.

  • http://twitter.com/Johnboyw Johnboyw

    But its not the branding they are testing. It is the quality of the manufacturing. Which is LG and ASUS.

  • Uncle Timmy

    Have to agree. Sensational headline only to find its a drop test. This site needs an active editor. Also who carries any of their devices without a cover these days. It’s high time someone did some drop tests with covers on the devices.

  • androidgirls

    why arent you all moaning about googles poor build quality if apple had smashed you be straight on there back….

  • Anonymous

    I take it you’ve never heard of our very own Jamie Ryan!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta hand it to Apple. They don’t make their devices either, but it looks like they design them very well.