• Anonymous

    RIM is well down the path to obscurity. I can’t see them coming back, no matter how good BB10 is. MS are definitely late but they’re still MS. They’ve got the will and the money to make WP succeed in the long term.

  • http://www.amlr.co.uk/ Shortnwide

    Yes, RIM are stuffed! They will have completely lost the consumer market by the time they release something, even if its half decent – which I can’t see. Even BBM won’t see them out of this.
    Windows Phone 8 might actually have a chance of sticking around though.
    WP7 abandoned the Corporate Market to try and capture Consumers, but that didn’t work – they were missing the killer partner that arrived too late (if that’s what you can call Nokia).
    However, WP8 appears to be aimed more at a balance of Consumers and Corporate – plus Corporate customers now need something that competes with an iPhone, rather than a Blackberry. So it has a chance – not to challenge the iOS or Android, but to carve out a niche it can survive in.
    RIM are going bust though – its game over for them, they will be broken up and sold off, probably within 2 years.
    (nice sweeping prediction!)