• http://twitter.com/frowbags Just me

    So is this gonna be like a BT openworld type scenario? Voda and O2 still run their own mobile business. The new company will then be providing the infrastructure for them to do it? How much are they gonna share? Base stations? Or the whole thing? Wonder what the OFT will make of this? Prices *should* come down as their individual investments will comes down. Bet they don’t though!

  • Telecoms Worker

    It’s exactly what 3UK and T-Mobile did. One network two operators sharing the hardware, tough technically for a while it became three when Orange joined the party. OFT will make nothing of it as they will continue as separate trading companies with different marketing strategies and probably pricing too. Prices will not come down as they will have to spend billions on all the new hardware, lease agreements, termination fees with landlords and then keep trying to recoup the billions spent on the fiasco that was the 3g licence auction and soon the 4g circus.

  • mpw

    The key for the normal consumer is pricing for LTE services. Unless these new organisations can reduce cost why do I want to pay £50-£100 per month for a limited LTE allowance (that will run out sooner rather than later)? Alos, while these organisations are not in a monopoly position they are getting close to it – would you be allowed to do this in another industry without government scrutiny?