Samsung vs Apple – Internal Samsung Document Shows Heavy iPhone Influence

In the Apple Vs Samsung trial this week, Apple presented a 132 page document that essentially compares 132 aspects of the Galaxy S to the iPhone. The format throughout the document is as follows

Samsung vs Apple   Internal Samsung Document Shows Heavy iPhone Influence

As you can see, Samsung looked at the iPhone, then compared it to the Galaxy S, with the conclusion on the vast majority of comparisons being that Samsung should alter the software to behave or look more like the iPhone, even going as far as to address the emotional responses elicited by a user when using iOS. 

This comes under the Trade Dress part of the trial, rather than any violation of specific patents. Thats where Apple is trying to convince the jury that Samsung made a conscious and deliberate effort to emulate as much of the iPhone buying experience as possible and this document certainly appears to support that claim.

The document makes for very interesting reading for anyone who is interested in just how similar these 2 products are, it also does a good job of highlighting just how much effort Apple puts into aspects of its iOS software.

The full document can be viewed on Scribd

Links – Scribd

UPDATE: The Verge also has evidence that this was done with another handset, the Samsung Behold. 

Samsung Galaxy S2 - Jelly Bean Alpha CM10
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