Google Nexus tablet group review – Video Comparisons

We have written a lot about the Nexus 7 recently, we have looked at every aspect of the device and even took looked at how to hack the thing as well. But how does it compare to other devices? It has been well documented that Google are not making a profit on the Nexus 7, doing this enabled them to target a price point and compete in that market. Future sales of books, games, apps and videos will make them some money.

So how will the bargain priced Nexus 7 compare to similar devices in the market? Probably better, I know from reading the various reviews from our writers that they all seem to enjoy the experience more than any other device they may have. To show you the difference between devices I gathered as many tablets as possible and filmed them. Below are the end results. Nothing professional here, just me going “erm erm erm. er yeah, erm” Sorry.

HTC Flyer vs Nexus 7, the was one of the devices I always thought could have been so much better. Again boot times drastically different (in favour of the HTC Flyer), the ui is drastically different as Honeycomb Sense is odd and again proper tablet ui on some apps is better on the Flyer. The fact that the Flyer has 3g and a micro sd slot makes it a lot more versatile.

Hannnspree HANNSpad SN70T3 vs Nexus 7, at £89.99 the HANNSpad is hardly comparable but hey I had one so what the heck. Everything about the Nexus is better. Although the HANNSpad has a micro sd slot.

Galaxy Note vs Nexus 7, I have a Galaxy Note that I use in conjunction with a more normal size phone. The Note is just basically for media use, in much the same way my Nexus 7 is. So again I thought what the heck I will compare them both on video. The overall experience is drastically different, the Note benefits from 3g, micro sd card, replaceable battery.

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 vs Nexus 7, thanks to our writer Ronnie Whelan who lent me his Galaxy Tab. It is a great device running Android 4.0.4 with a dual core processor, a rear camera and a micro sd slot. It is almost identical thickness and size as the Nexus 7. If Samsung drop the price a bit and update it to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean it could be a real contender to the Nexus 7.

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