• Craig

    Good article pal.  I’ve always wondered about these apps.  I used to use AvantGo on my old Windows Mobile devices of the past to do something similar, however that was before the advent of inexpensive data coverage.

    I don’t see the point any longer as surely the point of smartphones is to keep people connected and current in terms of information?

  • Anonymous

    It depends on what you’re trying to achieve – I use it to queue up stuff to read (all the better since said stuff is currently delivered to my kindle although that has created a housekeeping problem!).

    So when people tweet interesting articles or I otherwise want to follow up on something that will take a while to read I send it to instapaper and then settle down when convenient to read through the stuff I’ve queued up. Now I have a tablet – I’ll stop the kindle email and run this app instead and that will be my breakfast reading sorted, hopefully with the added bonus of being able to follow and queue up links from the articles I’m reading as well!

    Worth noting that I’m a developer – so there are always lots of technical articles and blog posts that I’d like to read and having a mechanism for deferring these so that I can better manage my time/focus it a winner.

  • http://www.letscommunicate.co.uk/ Terran Brown

    I’ve been using 
    http://getpocket.com/ for a long time now – yes its link storing but also has a easy read feature too – same for off line too….