• Anonymous

    Getting desperate I see

  • Gabriel

    I’m very tempted by Windows Phone, but I’m a bit confused by 2 things: If I got a Lumia now, will the software be upgradable to Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows 8. Secondly, are the next gen of Windows Phone going to be dual core and more, making thw Lumia 800 very obsolete already?

  • Tony Deslandes

    you read The Sun?

  • Anon

    -  It’s already running WP 7.5, they will get WP8 minus the hardware limitations, like hardware encryption, which is chip based
    - Yes, but Lumia is using the next generation snapdragon, which is not obsolete, even though it’s 1.4 ghz, it’s more than 40% faster than 1 ghz single core 

  • Anonymous

    @stoney1973 Not really. Making sure people have heard about a fantastic product is pretty sensible really.