• http://twitter.com/Dedlite Dale Wilks

    I’m seriously dropping my IPad 2 for one of these + keyboard dock, seems to everythinhg I want from a tablet (external storage!  USB!  Are you taking notes, Apple?).  Not too worried about the ‘delays’; Samsung did a same thing with the Galaxy Nexus, which didn’t make a lot of difference….

  • http://twitter.com/Dedlite Dale Wilks

    ordered.  I bought a new laptop a few months ago (a Dell L1502x) – not used it, really.  This will do both, so I’ll offload the lappy AND the IPad 2 + quids in.  :)

  • Anonymous

    If it is true, I’d prefer they wait and release it properly. I’d also prefer they wait and put ICS on it too. Surely that’s ready to go now anyway?

    That Clove price is obscene. I’m not paying more than £500 but really am looking to pay £450.