• http://www.amlr.co.uk Shortnwide

    They have a lot to do alright. 
    WP7 looks nice, but I found it quickly frustrating in use – I sold my HTC Mozart after a month. 
    Part of that might have been Orange’s fault –  I couldn’t tell what was sluggish software vs rubbish 3G reception, but it did feel like a beta. 
    Now we have Mango, or realistically Version 1.0 thing should be better, but Nokia have an absolute mountain to climb, going with such a (so far) unloved OS. 

    That said, nice design on the Lumia 800 and camera looks good too – like to see how that fairs. 

  • http://twitter.com/dai_wrexham David Griffiths

    Recent converter from Samsung Nexus S to HTC Radar. HTC Handsets are way more desirable than this!!! However it is Nokia, it is Microsoft and I predict a healthy set of sales for these two devices! Windows Mango is one of the best operating systems I have yet used btw!

  • Patch

    if they price it right i could see this doing well… but early days yet will wait to see users reviews on web first…

    welcome back to the race nokia….

  • Wig

    I hope so, WP7.5 is a worthy contender, although still some missing features… but I couldn’t face going back to an iconchrome based interface now ;)

  • Scot Cull

    I have always had a soft spot for Windows Mobiles since the origional SPV ranges, and although I am a self confest HTC nut it is an atractive looking handset.

    The proof will be in the testing and I have yet to find a handset running Windows 7.5 in store (lots of lovely dummy handsents but nothing REAL)

    Maybe this will change things ….. BTW nice offer from Orange could do with a new Xbox for Christmas

  • Ben Johnson

    I’ll second Patch’s comment; the pricing will be critical in luring people away from the wide selection of Android offerings, though partnering with Nokia could bring dumbphone users baffled by the choice with Android over to WP7 rather than to Apple by default.
    I’ve been using and abusing HTC devices for the last 7 years and currently use a Mozart for work (syncing with our Exchange server) and a Desire HD as my personal phone; I love Android’s flexibility, but WP7 is excellent for business and flows beautifully in use. Not sure I’m ready to give up on Android completely but Mango has made WP7(.5) a far more attractive proposition.

  • http://twitter.com/dai_wrexham David Griffiths

    Mango and Zune is IMO a credible and better alternative to IO5 and iTunes, Android does not have anything that comes close to replicating that dual core USP! If Microsoft and Nokia get this right, then it will blow a hole in Apple’s only USP…

  • Scot Cull

    OK I think this is the one that will a) tempt me away from android and b) tempt me away from HTC …..
    Orange upgrade due Novemebr 15th … phone out November 16th …. and they are offering a free Xbox to go with it….

    Its like Christmas coming early :-)