Three Launch HSPA+ MiFi

Three have just launched their new MiFi device here in the UK with the biggest upgrade being access to the new high speed HSPA+ network which supports speeds of up to 21mb/s and gives you 40% faster speeds than the older device.

It also comes with a nice charging cradle in the box which lets you sit the MiFi in the room with the best signal and let it charge, it can be seen as a home broadband replacement with contract options giving you allowances up to 15GB for a month.

Check out the video from Three below to see for yourself

We are expecting to get hands on this new MiFi in the next few days to test for ourselves, considering this is a mobile version of the Premium Dongle we know the speeds which can be reached if you have HSPA+ as during a trip to London I found one of the test sites and recorded a video (this was with the Premium HSPA+ Dongle)

Link: Three Blog

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  • Pete

    By my calculations, it would take around 66 million days to download your monthly allowance of 15GB at
    21 millibits per second!!!