• Guest

    Hmm. It looks like it is exactly what it is. Made up of generic parts, including the casing. There is nothing to identify them as a brand. And, tbh, it looks horrible and tacky.

  • Aidanapword

    Pricing looks a bit odd on the included text … with the UK price at 129 for either device but the dollar price being (as expected) different …?

  • Anonymous

    Its *all* about the price – assuming that its reasonably well put together and that it works properly/reliably and that the performance is adequate then the compromise in aesthetics for the price is going to be acceptable. But the key is that it has to be useable which is where most of the cheap tablets so far appear to have fallen down.

  • Ezequiel Solares

    I would still get a Nook Color for 200$us

  • Dwadi84

    This is nothing special… This price is about 179£ for PRO version – Better choice is Adent Vega (Tegra 2) for 199£…

  • Polymixin

    The value of the dollar is less than the pound…

  • Anonymous

    this is ugly

  • http://twitter.com/nugent Andy Nugent

    So your recommendation to someone looking for a 7″ tablet is a 10″ tablet?

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    nice device but i think is useless