iOS gets custom notification tones

iOS gets custom notification tones

iOS users rejoice! Along with proper notifications, an improved lock screen and all that iCloud goodness, Apple have also (finally!) introduced another long-standing feature from other mobile OSs.

Hidden away in the Settings app in the newly released iOS 5 Beta 3 is a menu allowing customisation of various tones including texts, mail and tweets.

So far so exciting, however I do like how this is all handled from a centralised location rather than from each individual app as in Android. I guess the four year development time allowed them to get it right first time!

So what will you be using for your incoming texts? I’ve already set mine to the Catchphrase buzzer sound.

iOS gets custom notification tones

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  • Guest

    “various tones including texts, mail and tweets” + “I do like how this is all handled from a centralised location”

    Kind of like we’ve been able to do with Windows Mobile for years, yeah? lol

  • now we just need to wait for WP7 to do the same……

  • Stephen_rustage

    Await the lawsuit for android devices that have infringed Apples patent…

  • IHateApple

    jeez, IOS only just got custom tones??? What a naff OS, even my old Window Smartphones from the early 2000’s had them! What amazing ‘new idea’ are they going to give you apple fans next, removeable storage???

    • Egonspengler

      jeez IHateApple you must have had loads of fun with that feature on the bus… a funny text message tone is soooooooooooooooooooooo cooool…. Apple may not be for you but the iphone will go down what made your android OS what it is today  …. yeh baby…..!!!

  • Steve

    haha Apple are such a joke of a company. They have a the audacity to accuse people of infringing “their” patents have now started copying features that have been around on other smartphones for years!

    • Johnwestyorkshire

      do some research and find out who owns the patent for things… think you find android pay the most due to them not coming up with much….Nokia are the kings as they have the most…

      • Steve

        I am not sure what you are trying to say.. you have just backed up my point entirely though.

      • Steve

        I am not sure what you are trying to say.. you have just backed up my point entirely though.

  • iPhone fan

    On another note – has anyone else noticed that the cost of apps in the iOS app store have gone up in price?

    I suggested this as a story but it was ignored – along with previous suggestions for itv player being released for iOS and android “leaking” personal data. I know this isn’t relevant for android users but if you’ve got a site about smart phones in general then why not include it – you obviously feel a review of a memory card is more relevant! Would be nice to get an email back acknowleging suggestions and explaining why it wasn’t relevant for the site.

  • Xdadevelopers

    Still same rubbish ui which is most inconvenient to use. Its impossible to use with one hand. All the menus of the settings is on the top, why not they keep it at the bottom to use it with one hand. I hope you guys understand what I mean like in the above picture the setting menu should have been at the bottom.

    • Anonymous

      I really think iOS would benefit from a few more buttons although I can’t see that happening any time soon. 

      You do get used to the UI though and the one benefit over Android is that it’s very consistent across apps whereas on Android app UIs can vary substantially.