• Steve

    This all well and good expect it overlooks the fact that there are a lot of people who choose to have their caller ID witheld on their landline automatically.

  • Jon

    Usually people who are selling you something tho…

  • Acomment

    Seems like banks and hospitals do this too, its a pain.

  • Reehanjameel

    Can’t find it for the iPhone 4.

  • Mygirlsa2z

    I have iphone 4s and i downloaded app and i subscribe to mr number why is it i can’t block numbers on my iphone i was able to on my android phone i have.  if there is no solution i’m unsubscribing cause what’s the point?  can someone tell me how to block numbers please

  • Fdf

    Erroneous info above! Not supported on anything other than android phones, according to their own website.

  • anonymous

    what happened to the app? i can’t find it, and i used to have the app before and it worked fine. 

  • Matt

    The blocking feature on this app only works for andriod not apple. Apple does not let you block numbers. I do know for a fee AT&T well block numbers

  • snos2

    if your jailroken use cydia and search iblacklist

  • trevhaze

    so why did my iPhone 3gs just ring once then show the caller as “blocked”, and no its not jailbroken