• Donkeysvsmonkeys

    excellent review thankyou but I have heard the tv is no longer available does anyone know if the DAB radio still works and can that be used without a virgin sim card?

  • Blah

    Yes the DAB Radio still works, and without a sim card.


  • Gareth

    I’ve still got my Virgin Lobster after all these years. It’s a brick of a phone. I’ve dropped it countless times, and somehow it still works. I put a 2gb micro SD card in the back and haven’t had to delete a single text message in the 7 years I’ve had it. Just think of that! 7 years of your social life, all recorded. That’s almost as old as facebook!

    The real quibble I have with this phone is exposed in some of the photographs above. It will dial 999 at the drop of a hat. Leave it in your pocket, put it in your bag… It doesn’t matter. Suddenly you’ll hear the “blip” that means it’s starting to make a call. You locked the phone. There’s only one number it can call with a locked keypad. That’s right! Emergency services… If you look at the phone side on (as in some of the photos above) you’ll notice that actually of all the keys on the keyboard the number 9 sticks out further than any other key. It’s also at the edge of the keypad and juts out. This is a design flaw: a huge, gaping hole in their design that has probably accounted for thousands of unintended calls to the emergency services.Great phone, if not for that! :)

  • Tayyab_9984

    my mobile is shutting down i dont know why ??? lobster  700 mobile some time its on but stuck and poweres off when its on the gives option phone off when i try to on ststus its stuck and stuck off and not start again ?????
    reply me soooooon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Tayyab_9984

    how i update its window or software……………………………………