HTC S740 – Live pictures and hands-on

newmobile have managed to get themselves a hands-on with the recently announced HTC S740. It’s very Diamond-esque in it’s styling and is being shown off at the IFA 2008 Consumer Electronics show in Berlin.

The QWERTY keyboard, as you can see on the right and in pictures below, resembles the keyboard on the HTC Touch Pro we’ve been testing whilst the numeric keys up front are large and easy to locate. It’s a thin and sleek handset which we think will prove to be a real winner.

Click on for more pictures, or go to for even more shots and a report. The only thing we don’t like about this handset is the tiny and thin call / drop keys, which look a little fiddly. :(

Update - More up-close pictures at including comparisons and screenshots.

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Credit – Matt Clarke

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