Hold up, the Samsung i760 has changed a bit?!

Hold up, the Samsung i760 has changed a bit?! This, according Engadget, is the Samsung i760. Hmmm… weird.. it looks completely different to how we remember it but hey, we’ll mention it as Samsung were keeping very quiet about it during CES (Computer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The Engadget boys are sniffing around and Samsung didn’t seem too happy about it.

Unfortunately we’re not in Las Vegas. It’s probably for the best though. The last time we were in the Venetian in Vegas I spent about £100 on the gamblers in one day! Anyhow, this device may or may not be the i760 and may or may not be windows Mobile powered, so… we thought we’d mention it just in case.

Link – EngadgetMobile.com

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