Orange SPV C600 and M3000 appear on Orange site

Orange SPV C600 and M3000 appear on Orange site The Orange SPV C600 and SPV M3000 have just appeared on an Orange website in France. (English machine translation here) have spotted this Orange Enterprise page, which gives prices as…

– SPV c600 from 129 Euros (PDF Details here)

– SPV m3000 from 229 Euros

The SPV is pretty much the same as the Qtek 9100 and will probably succeed the SPV M500. The SPV C600 has EDGE compatibility and, as we already know, so does Orange.. in France at least. This’ll mean much faster browsing and downloading, which is all good news (provided the data costs are realistic!) It’ll have a QVGA screen (like the C550), Windows Mobile 5.0, a MiniSD card and a megapixel cam.

Source –

Link – Orange Enterprise

Orange SPV C600 - Full Specifications and details
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