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The Register tests the MyDevice Motion-Controlled phone

As announced yesterday, MyOrigo announced its motion-controlled mobile phone, called "MyDevice". Now The Register have managed to get one to play with. Although not running the MS Smartphone OS, this is quite a natty piece of equipment and turns the p...

SMS Spam – Fighting back

SOS SMS is a new website that is trying to help reduce spam filtering through to your mobile phone. Check out their website here and fight back!!! Read more here (silicon.com)

New SmartPhone that reacts from hand movements.

A new SmartPhone that is controlled by a users' hand-movements has been released by MyOrigo, a company based in Finland. MyDevice, which has just been demonstrated in London, is scheduled to hit the shops before Christmas 2003. Check out more info her...

Mobile networks snubbed by judge

A move by mobile networks to try and block the reduction of charges was thrown out by a judge today - and he made it worse by announcing his decision in cool "text language"! Read more here (Sky News)

Orange Power Glastonbury Once Again

Orange, still seen as the "coolest" network here in the UK, have decided to use Orange-branded tents with solar-panels stitched into the sides to help attract people to the network. Each tent will then provide enough power to charge your mobile phone....

T-Mobile USA Launches the ………….. Blackberry!!! Doah!

Although the USA is still awaiting a wider release of the MS Smartphone, T-Mobile today announed the BlackBerry 6210. T-Mobile are selling it as "One of the most affordable and simplest ways to manage e-mail and make wireless voice calls from a single...

Pocket PC 2003 Coming June 23rd

According to "a source" Microsoft will debut Pocket PC 2003(code-named Ozone) on 23rd of June. Full details here (ZDNet).MS has failed to comment on this, but there are stacks of people waiting to get their sweaty palms on it.

Symbian smartphones get always-on email and photo services.

T-Mobile has launched an always-on email for Symbian devices in the UK. T-Mobile launched the wireless email service, called Instant E-mail, in the UK last week. Symmetry Express supports any handset based on Symbian OS 6.1 or 7.0, which includes smar...