Now.. that's just plain naughty.

Tskk.. I mean, trying to pinch images. What's next ? You'll be stealing the odd lollipop from a corner shop, probably getting away with it, then moving onto bigger and bigger things. Before you know it, you'll be hot-wiring a Porsche and driving it into the local off-licence just so you can rob some fags. You filthy, filthy scum.

See, the way I see it - you've got some intelligence. You knew that if you right-clicked on an image then it'll tell you where that image is located. Then you even thought, "hey, I'll bet I can see all the images in the entire directory if I just miss out the file name". That, young surfer, is quite intelligent of you.

So - you have two paths. Take one and you'll be mugging old ladies in the street, demanding their last 50p before making off into the night to buy some glue to sniff. Take the other path however and you could learn a bit about t'internet and maybe even get a good job, with good pay. You could own that Porsche, hey - you could even stop and let old ladies cross the road.

So be good eh ?