How to find your phone contacts on Instagram

I’m a relative newbie to the Instagram world. My wife is a big fan, but I’ve never really got “into” it.

I always thought that it was a place to show off and to follow people who you didn’t really know, but there is a more personal connection when you connect it to your contacts.

Instagram takes the stress away from finding personal mobile contacts on its platform. You can find people that you know and other people that could be of interest. Plus, if you want to venture outside of your contact list, you can click here for more followers.

Organic searches

If someone is your friend, you’ll know their first and last name and you can identify them in pictures easily. Remember that every person does not always use their normal name on Instagram. They use aliases, alter egos, and stage names because this is who they want their followers to know.

Finding them organically isn’t always easy unless you flick a couple of optional settings.

Sync contacts

Connect your contacts by going into Instagram, clicking into your profile, then clicking on the “Following” button. On this screen you can see the various categories you’re interested in and who you’re already connected to. However, right at the top you should also see a “Connect Contacts” button so that you can follow people that you know. Just hit that, get through the permissions screens and you should be good to go.

This screen gives the option to choose who you want to follow, and you disconnect from following them at any time.

Discover People icon

If syncing contacts still doesn’t provide you with the person you are searching for, don’t give up.

This time click the hamburger on the right side of the screen. The seventh icon down is where you can discover people.

Similar to syncing contacts, discovering contacts focuses only on your friends on Facebook’s platform.

Once you connect the Instagram account to Facebook you will then be able to follow friends who you thought would be lost forever.

Also worth checking is the “Close friends” option, which will let you choose who’s on your list. You can add or remove people easily and they won’t be notified. When you’ve set this up you can then choose to share photos and videos only with them, giving posts a special label and enhancing security.

Let friends find you

It can be annoying constantly looking for followers or people to follow on IG, so perhaps take a different approach and ask your friends to add you instead!

Send a text, Facebook message or a WhatsApp with your Instagram account name and sit back and wait on the following request.

When you receive the following request Instagram gives the option for you to accept or decline. Accepting the person is the way you can increase your following by one person at a time.

Friend suggestions

Every time you follow someone on Instagram, the platform will offer three friend suggestions. These friend suggestions are based on people who have the same interests as you.

Contacts in your phone would not be there if the two of you did not have similarities.

Knowing who will show up in these suggestions is uncontrollable, but you may have some luck if you continue following your other contacts.

Scan name tags

The easiest way to connect with others is to use the name tag feature.

This tool is one you can post on all social media platforms so others can find you.

Take advantage of this tool, by sending it to your contacts. You can also request for contacts in your mobile device to send you theirs.

To find your nametag by taping the hamburger on the right of the Instagram page; it is the third one down.

Once there you have the option to change the emoji. Instagram allows users to take a selfie and make themselves the emoji for the nametag.

You can keep the tag they provide or change to your selfie. Now click the camera icon at the bottom of the page, which takes a picture of the name tag.

Now that person who you have been searching for, or the person who was seeking you will have a connection.

No luck with contacts?

There are instances when, no matter how hard you follow instructions, you still cannot find the person you are trying to follow.

The problem could be the person does not have an Instagram account, or something is wrong with the software on your device.

To fix this check to see if the app is up-to-date. In most instances, this is the case and all it takes is for the person to restart their device.

If the problem continues, then uninstall Instagram and install it again.

Re-installing the application will fix the situation, but if there are continuous issues do not hesitate to call their customer care.

Connected with friends

Sharing information with friends is important, especially with the events and promos that can be found on Instagram.

You want your friends to be in the loop, but unless an account holder on Instagram gives permission for someone to share their post, keeping them in the loop can become difficult.

When you cannot find who you want on Instagram, the only other option is to use other methods of keeping in touch.