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Goodbye Nokia.

I’m always banging on about it, but brand is a major fact when people are buying a phone. Buy an iPhone and the Apple logo on the back is part of what you’re after. Say “Nokia” to someone and, unfortunately, a lot of people will think of

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update features rumoured

An updated version of Windows Phone 8 is on the horizon and GDR3, as it’s known, will contain a number of minor improvements. The rumoured changes include 1080p resolution support, the ability to have 3 medium-sized tiles in a row, orientation lock and a “Driver Mode” which

HTC, Sprint and Microsoft join forces – The HTC 8XT

HTC look to have taken some parts from their excellent Android-powered HTC One here. Meet the 8XT. It’s powered by Windows Phone 8 but has dual front-facing stereo speakers, Beats Audio and BoomSound technology like the HTC One. Available from “later this summer” it’ll go for just

Windows Phone, why don’t you want it?

A particularly dangerous and infrequent activity has been occuring in my brain recently…. …I’ve been thinking. Yes, both brain cells have worked overtime these last few weeks as I’ve read the scare stories surrounding Microsoft products. You’ve probably seen the news. PC sales are down and Windows

Growth slowing in Windows Phone app catalogue

If you’ve got a Windows Phone then you’ll noticed that a lot of the “big apps” are now available to download. Microsoft are going to great lengths to show that major Android or iPhone apps are available, or versions of them, on Windows Phone. But, although it

Nokia Lumia 520 – Review

The Nokia Lumia 520 was released a couple of weeks ago, so I rushed out and bought one so that I could review it for you lovely people (how selfless, right?). I set it up, gave it a first impressions review, then turned my Nexus 4 off.

My time with the Nokia Lumia 820

We reviewed the Nokia Lumia 820 a while back, but as part of my Windows Phone experiment I thought I’d give it a go. So thanks to the nice people at Vodafone I got to have a play with one. I’m not going to review it again

Lumia 928 Details and images leak

Over in the USA this, the Nokia Lumia 928, looks set to be announced on Verizon this month. It’ll run the new Windows Phone 8 update and has a 4.5″ OLED display with 4G LTE tech. Other than that though it’s mostly the same as the Nokia

My Windows Phone experiment – Part 2

A while back I set about doing something a bit rash, I decided I was going to use exclusively Windows Phone and Windows RT in my day to day life. The plan was to ditch Android for a while and really get a feel for Windows Phone

Viber for Windows Phone updated

Mention “VoIP” and “cheap calling” to people and Skype is usually the download of choice. You might not have heard it, but Viber is another option and is doing rather well. It’s available for pretty much any platform you care to shake a stick at and offers

Apple fans and the NYT get angry as Windows Phone see a small success

Poor Windows Phone and Microsoft! Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications (yeah, we know), Frank X Shaw, dared to state in a recent blog post that Windows Phone outsold iPhone in a several territories. Now the Apple blogosphere has gone ballistic, even roping in the New

Temple Run now available for Windows Phone. Crowd goes wild?

Temple Run. It’s a game you’ll have probably seen on the bus or train recently and basically features a guy or girl running along at great speed. Sweep left or right to turn at the appropriate time, up to jump and try to make sure that your

BBC iPlayer finally coming to Windows Phone

One of the most popular apps on Android and iOS has been really conspicuous in its absence so far on Windows Phone – the BBC’s iPlayer. Well we won’t have to wait much longer, as Auntie has just announced that they have done a deal with Microsoft

MWC – Exclusive photo of the Microsoft stand

The Microsoft stand this year took a very different appearance. It’s relatively small and carpeted, but has no logos, staff or products on display. The same can be said for the Android / Google stand, which is similarly sparse with a distinct lack of free drinks and

Nokia Lumia 620 – Review

For some reason whenever I get a “budget” or “entry level” phone I always expect great things. Somewhere along the line my brain just can’t compute that something that costs about £200 isn’t always going to be astounding. I think it is the various amazing budget devices that we’ve seen

comScore – Windows Phone share shrinking. Yes, shrinking.

The latest figures from analytics firm comScore are out and the news, based on these figures, is pretty bad. The figures go all the way up to December 2012, when shiny Windows Phone 8 handsets like the Lumia 920 were sitting on shelves at the height of

TVCatchup is now available for Windows Phone 8

TVCatchup has been around for a while on various other platforms. It basically allows you to watch live TV on your phone. Obviously it’s all down to the quality of your data connection as to how good it looks. It is for Windows Phone 8 users only