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HTC Desire 530 – Review

HTC have had a pretty tough time of it recently, and their range of handsets has definitely throttled back compared to years gone by. Remember the HTC Wildfire, ChaCha, Sensation, Rhyme and Butterfly ? The Desire series has outlasted all of them. If memory serves, we first

The HTC Desire 530, 630 and 825 at Mobile World Congress

HTC decided to quietly push out this handset here in Barcelona. No big launch, no explosions, just a funky mid-range handset. Well, three actually, but we’ll get to the other two in a minute. They all have an extremely similar design and this, the HTC Desire 530,

MWC – HTC One M10 coming out of the shadows

The HTC stand of 2016, if I’m brutally honest, has a lot of similarities with the HTC stand of 2015. The HTC Vive is on show and there’s a lot of handsets that were released some months ago. There’s a lot of HTC One A9 devices here,

HTC One X9 leaks out in crystal-clear shots

I properly love the HTC One A9. Although I loved the quality of the HTC One M7, M8 and M9 – I wanted something fresh and new. The HTC One A9 was it, and our HTC One A9 review resulted in a high score. You might’ve seen

Possible HTC One X9 leakage?

It’s safe to say that we were pretty impressed with the HTC One A9. Our review highlighted the great battery life and excellent build quality. Sure, it’s a shame that here in Europe we’re going to have to pay more for it and we’ll be getting the

HTC One A9 – Review

A bit of history first, and perhaps a personal viewpoint from myself. Back in 2002 I handled my first HTC smartphone. It was branded up as an Orange SPV and it kick-started this entire website. HTC had a meteoric rise in the years following, releasing phones under

A week with the HTC One M9 – My final thoughts

Missed our “week with” articles? Here they all are… Day one – The criticisms Day two – The audio Day three – Up close Day four – The camera Day five – Making it your own Dan has also written up an extensive HTC One M9 review

HTC One M9 Review

Mobile World Congress is where most flagship devices get announced every year, and 2015 was no different. This year HTC arrived with an upgrade to their popular M8 phone which hopefully filled in the few missing pieces to make this the best phone they ever made. First of all

Fancy my One pink mini 2?

You’ve read our HTC One mini 2 review surely? Of course you have. You’re an avid Coolsmartphone reader and you follow us on Twitter too. How about getting it in a lovely shade of pink? Yeah, you’d love that. I know you well. You want a pink

HTC One mini 2 Review

You might be confused already. A phone with two numbers in the title – one written as a word, one as a digit? It’s basically the shrunken-down version of the HTC One M8 which I spent a week with very recently, but of course you’re going to

HTC D616W, complete with octacore CPU, snapped

The jury is out on whether this is an “octacore” or “octocore”. Let’s just call it an 8-core phone because my spell check says they’re both wrong. This is the catchily-titled HTC D616W and, if I’m honest, it looks a lot like the HTC 816. The spec,

HTC One vs HTC One

We’ve been at the launch event today and have already detailed all the HTC One features and the specifications you should expect. The new device is now in shops and available to buy, but how does it compare to the older version? Both phones go under the

EE offer fantastic HTC One (M8) deal

HTC have just announced the new HTC One just a few minutes ago. Yes, the NEW HTC One, which has often gone by the name “M8”. The official name is the HTC One (M8). Now we’re getting details from the UK’s largest 4G network – EE. They’ve

HTC One (M8) – The official specs

We’ve already covered the finer details of the HTC One (M8) so here’s those specifications you’ve been looking for. The device, if we’re honest, looks a lot like the original HTC One, but there’s more power. It’s taller too. The original was 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm,

HTC SenseTV appears on the Google Play store

Another app which looks set to arrive on the all new HTC One is this,  HTC SenseTV. It’s an update on the existing built-in infrared remote that can control your TV, set-top box and other kit. The new version has had a lick of paint and a

Further HTC apps confirm HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition

Hello, hello. What’s this I spy in the description of the recently-updated HTC Gallery app? Why, unless I’m very much mistaken that clearly says.. Support for HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition is limited to HTC Photo Edit. This alone confirms that yes, we will be seeing

HTC Sense 6.0 video demo

How long has it been since the last HTC One (2014) leak? A day or two? Well, it’s time for a look at the all-new HTC GUI that should be on board – Sense 6.0. As you’ll see, a “Motion Gesture” option seems to be available, which

Update – HTC M8, in slate, looking great, not long to wait

We saw the gold version just yesterday and now @evleaks are back with another leaked press render of the new HTC M8, which is show here in black or slate grey. The M8, which is apparently getting the name “The All New HTC One” (let’s hope not

The new HTC One leaks again, this time in official-looking picture

It’s another one from serial-leaker @evleaks and adds a small amount of extra detail to leaks we’ve already seen. This image of the HTC One 2, HTC Two or the “New HTC One” (depending what you choose to believe naming-wise) shows the handset in gold.. We’re now