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iPad 2 – coming soon

We have had lots of stories recently on the plethora of new tablets rushing out this year, as companies look to capitalise on the market Apple’s original tablet proved existed. We haven’t though mentioned the avalanche of rumours concerning Apple’s sequel. Rumours on V2.0 started pretty much the day

An iPad for just £99? You’d better believe it.

This afternoon a colleague of mine got an email from T-mobile UK offering a reduced rate for existing customers wanting a new iPad. Below is a copy of the email. The small print mentions it’s only available for certain existing customers. So whether or not you can

New Valentine Box released for Cut the Rope

Fans of Chillingo’s iOS puzzler can rejoice as the plucky devs have today released a new set of levels for Cut the Rope. For those of you unfamiliar with this little Gem the aim, as you may have guessed, is to cut various ropes attached to a

iPlayer apps coming to iPad and Android this week

The BBC have announced today on their Internet Blog that their brand new iPlayer apps for Android and the iPad should available by the end of this week. While the iPad app has been long awaited, the news that the Android app will launch simultaneously has to

iOS 4.3 released to developers

iOS 4.3 has been released to developers, giving us some insight into what we can expect in the next update. Most mentioned so far is the ability to turn your iPhone into a mobile Wifi hotspot, like Android 2.2 – great news for 3 customers, not so

3 announces iPad pricing

After Orange & T-Mobile, 3 have now announced their pricing for the iPad.  The up front cost is identical, with £199 for a 16gb, £249 for a 32gb, and £349 for a 64gb on a 24 months contract, but the monthly charge is £25 a ...

Orange & T-Mobile iPad pricing revealed

Orange & T-Mobile have released their pricing for subsidised iPads.  For £25 a month (for existing customers) you can get a 16gb iPad for £199 with 1gb peak and 1gb offpeak + 3gb of WiFi.  Full details of the Orange prices ar...

Orange & T-Mobile to subsidise iPads

Orange & T-Mobile have announced they are to subsidise the cost of buying an iPad when taking out a monthly data plan.  This would make the "Everything Everywhere" companies the first networks to do this, and it will be interesting to see if ...

O2 reduce iPad data allowances

O2 have announced that they are reducing the data allowances for their iPad data tariffs.  As of 1st October, the £15 monthly rolling contract will reduce the mobile data allowance from 3GB to 2GB. This is somewhat out of the blue, and...

Apple store becomes not-quite-so Apple

Whilst this isn't quite news it's still pretty funny. This guy and his wife are, we presume, having a nice shopping trip and decide to visit the Apple store. In they pop and then, armed with a camera, they turn almost every iPad and iPhone into

Steve Ballmer responds to the iPad

The iPad has been quite a success. In theory it shouldn't be. Many new owners have never considered a "tablet" before and the price tag is still quite high. Despite this they've sold really well, and several manufacturers are now sticking Android into...