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iPad 3 event coming in early March?

It’s rumour and speculation time! According to All Things D, Apple will be holding a special event in the first week of March to announce the eagerly anticipated iPad 3. They’re not quite sure when exactly it will hit stores but are guessing that it should be

Ant Raid publishers release free soundtrack

In celebration of the success of their debut iOS game, Ant Raid, Finnish developer and publisher Prank have made the game’s soundtrack available as a free download. According to Metacritic, Ant Raid was the 8th best iPad game of 2011, and the top all-time iOS strategy game.

iPhones and iPads removed from sale in Germany

Motorola look to have forced Apple to remove devices from the Apple online store in Germany following an injunction. A second ruling in Germany could also see push-email services getting suspended after Apple lost another court battle with Motorola. Both decisions surround patents and Apple look set

Watch TV on your phone anywhere, without the data bill

Hauppauge have announced a new Mobile TV Streaming solution which you get to carry around to beam live TV to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s just a matter of extending the antenna and then you connect your device to the “myTV 2GO” WiFi network. The

Netflix offering £15 for new sign ups

After finally launching in the UK earlier this month, Netflix are starting to get serious about signing up new customers. Which means that those of you who haven’t already taken advantage of their one month free trial offer can now also get £15 of cashback for signing

Defence Zone HD for iPad

  So here is yet another Tower defence game, why do I need to get another one of those when there are literally hundreds of the available. This is a very good question and one that I hope to answer in the process of this review. I

Apple co-founder talks Android

So earlier this week Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had some things to say about Android. Strangely, his comments were mostly complimentary. Who knew? He seems to only recommend an iPhone to existing owners and those who have other Apple products. ..and people who are just scared of


The guys at BabyPing have been in touch to let us know about their upcoming product. BabyPing lets you view a video feed of your baby using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. A baby monitor for the gadget heads among us, if you will. The system includes infra-red

Onlive announce FREE virtual Windows desktop and Cloud storage

CES isn’t just about shiny new phones, the latest tablets or stupidly thin ultrabooks. A lot of software is also announced, OnLive were at CES and they have announced a new direction their software is moving in. OnLive started out as a gaming service where you could play

App Review – Scottish Clans

App Review – Scottish Clans Launched in 2004, the Scotclans website is Scotland’s largest site for information on Scottish clans and associated families. Now the makers are aiming to extend their reach to Scots around the world with their recently launched Scottish Clans iPhone app. Find your

App review: IsoSketch for iPad

Worth mentioning first off that I am in no way artistic so when I first saw this I wondered, ‘what’s the point’? I do love isometric drawings and all sorts of 3D so was intrigued but not quite sure what I’d actually use it for. As most

Jonathan Ive receives a knighthood

Designer of many Apple products, Jonathan Ive, has today received an honorary knighthood and can call himself Sir Jony. Jonathan has been the principle designer of the PowerBook G4, MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone and the iPad. He was born and raised here in the UK

Apple lose court battle, is the tide about to change?

Come on, you’ve probably seen all the news about Apple and various other phone manufacturers being involved in lawsuits. Until now Apple has been fairly successful in winning every legal battle and have forced many manufacturers to change the design of their products, licence features or just

Apple Release iOS5.1 beta

Apple has released iOS5.1 beta to its developers. This is the first main update to iOS5 since it was released in Oct. Apple released a minor update iOS 5.0.1 earlier this month to address the battery issues that many iPhone users had to deal with. This update

Google updates iPad search app

Google have just given their iPad search app a fairly substantial overhaul. The updated app features a much slicker UI with an integrated browser that slides across to display websites when you click on search results. It’s a feature quite reminiscent of Twitter for iPad. The app

Galaxy SII wins Phone of the Year.. yet again

I’m meeting a lot of people at the moment who are planning to upgrade to the rather excellent Galaxy SII. I always agree with them because, in all honesty, it’s an absolutely fantastic device. Just to confirm that, the Galaxy SII has won another award. This time

Gmail for iOS reappears on the App Store

After initially appearing on the App Store and quickly being pulled because of bugs, the long awaited Gmail app for iOS has now reappeared. This time in a somewhat more stable form. Those of you familiar with the (pretty fantastic) Gmail mobile web apps will feel right

Apple Fixes Your Battery Woes

Yes folks you read it right, the update for those with battery issues has arrived. Head into the software update menu on your handset to get it now or plug your device into iTunes and update the old fashion way. Image from Mashable

iPad / iPhone App – The Weather Channel

One thing the App Store on iOS is not short of, is weather apps. As no doubt you’re aware, us brits are obsessed with the weather, so I’m certain at least some of you will find this app review useful. I say review, but it’s pretty hard

Motorola Q3 results – iPad killer fail

Motorola have just announced their Q3 results and their supposed iPad killing Xoom tablet accounted for a tiny slice of sales during the quarter. They shipped a total of 11.6 million mobiles devices of which the Xoom represented a mere 100,000 units. In contrast, Apple sold 11.12