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WoodPad Review

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you want somewhere to put your iPad when it doesn’t need to be in your hand. I’m always concerned if I lay it down somewhere that the back will get scratched or it’ll get knocked over. Both of those problems are

Review: Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

I was always excited by the idea of the iPad as a gaming device; it’s that thought alone that prompted me to get the original iPad, and after seeing the delights of Apple’s App Store had to offer, I quickly upgraded to iPad 2.  I did the

Independent investigation finds issues at Foxconn plant

OK, story so far. The Foxconn factory, which makes a lot of tech stuff for a lot of tech companies, received a lot of bad press over long working hours, poor safety and suicides. Apple, who of course have the iPads and iPhones build at Foxconn, did

Hands on with the new iPad

So the new iPad is now out in the wild and in the hands of those either quick enough to order online or stand in line for hours on end.I’ve been having a play with one since yesterday and wanted to share my initial impressions. Packaging  The

New iPad on sale at T-Mobile, same price as old iPad 2

T-Mobile have joined many other networks in announcing availability for the slightly different iPad 3 new iPad. It should be arriving in stores today, with T-Mobile promoting the fact that their joint Everything Everywhere network and “advanced 3.5G rollout” can offer much improved coverage and speeds. You

Vodafone iPad Pricing Announced

It’s officially iPad launch day today at time of writing this, and Vodafone have just emailed out details on their contracts on offer if you want to get your own brand new iPad on their network in the UK IMAGE Vodafone UK today announced it will offer the new

Orange Announce iPad Pricing

Following on from the story earlier about Three and their iPad pricing, Orange have just announced pricing for the latest tablet device from Apple. For a price of £25 a month over 24 months you will be able to get access to 1GB anytime internet access, plus

Three Announce New iPad Pricing

Three have announced pricing today for ‘the new iPad’ from Apple which will go on sale this Friday. All plans listed below include a stonking 15GB a month allowance which blows every other network away with regards to allowance. All deals below are based on 24month contracts

Get the all new iPad from Tesco for just £49.99 .. yeah, right.

OK.. I’ve got to concentrate now. Must stop laughing. Some poor soul at Tesco appears to have put the all-new iPad onto their website for just £49.99. However, there’s bad news for those who managed to add the device to their basket.. We like to offer our

iOS 5.1 Available now

Today Apple announced (along with “The New iPad” and new Apple TV) that iOS 5.1 would be available for existing iOS devices. Well the time has come, you can grab out now and the changes are thus, • Japanese language support for Siri (availability may be limited

iPad 3 with Retina display and quad core A5X

  So the details have been revealed and all the rumours, speculation and leaks can end, at least for a few months. Apple have announced the iPad 3 at their special event this evening and to all intents and purposes it looks like  a solid update. The

The iPad event is almost here… so what will it bring?

Today’s the day when the wait is finally over, the speculation comes to an end, and we find out which of the rumours were accurate, which were way off the mark, and what Apple managed to slip completely under the radar. It’s the long-awaited launch of the

App Review – Team Time Tracker

Keeping track of a project team can be a tricky business, with monitoring tasks, expenses and the like – not to mention dealing with the clients you’re delivering to. It’s hard enough doing this for one project and one client. But get involved with multiples of those

iPad Event Confirmed for March 7th

While the eyes of the mobile world are trained on MWC in Barcelona, Apple have some exciting news for the iOS community with the confirmation that the iPad 3 will be revealed at an event on March 7th – yup, next Wednesday. The event will take place

iOS 5.1 – Is This GM Build?

A screen shot has appeared of what looks to be iOS 5.1. The guys at blogdoiphone say they have a pre-GM build. This could well be true, sometimes builds get released to the networks that miss developers. The image shows the lock screen with a new slide

App Review – Tweens HD

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate, Kokakiki have released a special edition of their pig-matching game Tweens. Adding 20 new levels to the 75 that were in the original game, the Valentine’s version adds a new twist to what is already an addictive

Futaba Classroom Games

Futaba Classroom Games for Kids by INKids Have you noticed how children pick up an iPad and just use it…? Both of mine certainly did and the youngest is only four…! We have just had the chance to review Futaba Classroom Games, which is an educational package

iPad 3 event coming in early March?

It’s rumour and speculation time! According to All Things D, Apple will be holding a special event in the first week of March to announce the eagerly anticipated iPad 3. They’re not quite sure when exactly it will hit stores but are guessing that it should be

Ant Raid publishers release free soundtrack

In celebration of the success of their debut iOS game, Ant Raid, Finnish developer and publisher Prank have made the game’s soundtrack available as a free download. According to Metacritic, Ant Raid was the 8th best iPad game of 2011, and the top all-time iOS strategy game.

iPhones and iPads removed from sale in Germany

Motorola look to have forced Apple to remove devices from the Apple online store in Germany following an injunction. A second ruling in Germany could also see push-email services getting suspended after Apple lost another court battle with Motorola. Both decisions surround patents and Apple look set