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Google updates iPad search app

Google have just given their iPad search app a fairly substantial overhaul. The updated app features a much slicker UI with an integrated browser that slides across to display websites when you click on search results. It’s a feature quite reminiscent of Twitter for iPad. The app

Galaxy SII wins Phone of the Year.. yet again

I’m meeting a lot of people at the moment who are planning to upgrade to the rather excellent Galaxy SII. I always agree with them because, in all honesty, it’s an absolutely fantastic device. Just to confirm that, the Galaxy SII has won another award. This time

Gmail for iOS reappears on the App Store

After initially appearing on the App Store and quickly being pulled because of bugs, the long awaited Gmail app for iOS has now reappeared. This time in a somewhat more stable form. Those of you familiar with the (pretty fantastic) Gmail mobile web apps will feel right

Apple Fixes Your Battery Woes

Yes folks you read it right, the update for those with battery issues has arrived. Head into the software update menu on your handset to get it now or plug your device into iTunes and update the old fashion way. Image from Mashable

iPad / iPhone App – The Weather Channel

One thing the App Store on iOS is not short of, is weather apps. As no doubt you’re aware, us brits are obsessed with the weather, so I’m certain at least some of you will find this app review useful. I say review, but it’s pretty hard

Motorola Q3 results – iPad killer fail

Motorola have just announced their Q3 results and their supposed iPad killing Xoom tablet accounted for a tiny slice of sales during the quarter. They shipped a total of 11.6 million mobiles devices of which the Xoom represented a mere 100,000 units. In contrast, Apple sold 11.12

Slide to unlock – Trademarked by Apple

Yesterday something happened, and it wasn’t the launch of a phone. It was the awarding of a trademark to Apple for the slide-to-unlock gesture. The US Patent Office database desribes …. Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image. A device with a touch-sensitive display

iPhone 4S unboxing and 2nd glance

Literally in the door, on the table and under the knife … here’s an unboxing…   … and after the break we take a look at this …   and then a gander at Siri….    

iOS 5 Is Here!

Apple have made iOS 5 available to the public. At 6:06PM I plugged my iPhone 4 into iTunes clicked update and away it went. Be sure to update to iTunes 10.5 before you try to update though. iTunes 10.5 also includes the long awaited iTunes Match which

iFlashDrive iOS USB stick up for pre-order

iPhone, iPod and iPad users rejoice! You can now move data around easily with the HyperDrive iFlashDrive. On one end it’s a standard USB connector and works just like any other USB stick, but on the other there’s the 30-pin dock connector for connecting to your iPhone


For those of you waiting for iOS 5, from past experience Apple will most likely wait till the usual release times. Since I have been a Fanboy, updates for iOS devices have come at specific times; 10AM PST 1PM EST 6PM GMT etc… I am hoping not

Facebook – iOS app issues

The Facebook iOS app, updated yesterday to Version 4.0. It also includes an iPad version but threw a wobbler for a lot of people. After updating, this image is an example of what a lot of users could see, and they could only dream about how the

Official Facebook app for iPad

After frankly an eternity, Facebook have finally updated their official app to have an iPad mode. The new iPad functionality includes better photos, chat functions and the ability to play Facebook games on the iPad as well. It’s available now in the App store.   Link –

The Galaxy S II cleans up in Mobile Choice Awards

Mobile Choice have dished out their Consumer Awards for 2011. The event was hosted in London with 10,000 readers voting in an online survey. The results are as follows… Tablet of the year – Apple iPad 2 Phone of the year – Samsung Galaxy S II Best

Steve Jobs dies

We’re waking up this morning to the sad news that former Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has died. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003 but continued to be a huge driving force in the mobile industry until very recently. His infamous “One more thing…” announcements

Hardware Review – Android Bluetooth Soundbox with Hands-Free

I should start this review by saying I’m not a big fan of Bluetooth speakers. They usually sound awful and it’s usually more practical to carry round something larger rather than sacrifice sound quality. I was pleasently surprised with this one though. The sonic performance of this green little fella is

Review: Happy Owl Studios ‘The Wallet’ case for iPad

I’ve been looking for a case for my iPad to replace the standard Apple one for best part of a year now. I wanted something that would let me carry more than just my iPad so I didn’t have to juggle phones and wallets whilst showing off

Get social – Blendr available for iOS

If you’re gay you may have used the Grindr app to quickly locate and socialize with local men. Using GPS technology it’ll map out other guys close to you, then you can share pictures and information straight away. Now the makers of that app have created Blendr,