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Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed now available for nothing

Love Sonic? Interested in playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed but don’t want to pay? Hey, your luck is in my friend. The game is now free, and that’s across all platforms – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and via Google Play on Android. It’s an exciting and

Exclusivity agreements blocking you from getting that latest game

Just recently the new version of Cut The Rope arrived on Android. Trouble is,  it’d been released months before on iOS. Watching an app or game being used by your mates which you can’t download is difficult and, according to the Wall Street Journal,  it’s due in

Keeping your kids safe – Children Tracker updated

There’s a tricky line that most parents have to walk every day. When do you buy your child a mobile phone? Are you buying it for safety reasons? If you are, and you want to be able to call them and keep track of them, that’s good;

Google release their Android camera app

Google have been slowly and surely releasing the core Android apps onto the Play Store. Like the keyboard, Calendar, Gmail, Google Search and a load of others. The latest is the camera app which has only previously seen updates during Android version updates. It’s a whole lot

Orangepixel’s new game: Groundskeeper2 now available

OrangePixel have been making some great retro 8-bit style games for a while now, they’re behind the Meganoid games, Gunslugs, Heroes of Loot and many others and now they’ve released Groundskeeper2 another retro style shoot em up. From the guys who brought you Gunslugs and Heroes of

QuickClick app – Pressy alternative

A few days ago I wrote about some clones of this new Pressy device that is coming to market soon. Pressy is a button that plugs into the headphone jack of any Android device, you can assign a series of button presses to specific actions on your

CoPilot on test

So just to set my stall out, pre-Lumia and “Here”, I used CoPilot. It was one of the most feature-packed and reasonably-priced navigation products for Windows Mobile at the time. So here we are on a new platform – Windows Phone. It’s the same product and of

Cut the Rope 2 eventually turns up on Android too

Many moons ago ZeptoLab launched the all-new Cut the Rope 2 on iOS. Now, many months (and months) later, Android users can finally get a taste of the action too. You know the deal by now. Om Nom likes his sweets and you’ve got to work out

Monitor your car from your phone with Carlock

I’m sure there’s some of you out there who know exactly where the diagnostic port on your car is. That OBD connector might’ve been used by yourself with one of those cables you bought off eBay (and that “iffy software” that “fell off the internet”) or the

I’m a special effects MASTER!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to the latest phone launches and see some pretty smart innovations lately. Camera technology on the latest high-end smartphones is getting better all the time, but inside there’s some clever software tweaks that are doing some pretty amazing things. As a

BlinkFeed to soon be available to other Android devices

Yesterday HTC started to publish apps on the Google Play Store, to speed up future updates. One of them was BlinkFeed which is the name for the new HTC app launcher with the BlinkFeed news widget built in, the one found on the newly announced HTC One

HTC SenseTV appears on the Google Play store

Another app which looks set to arrive on the all new HTC One is this,  HTC SenseTV. It’s an update on the existing built-in infrared remote that can control your TV, set-top box and other kit. The new version has had a lick of paint and a

LG Knock Code coming to a G2 near you soon

Can you remember watching those hands on videos from MWC of the rather cool unlocking method that LG were using for the G Pro 2? Whereby you can set a pattern of taps around the screen to unlock your phone, in my opinion it seemed really quite

OfficeSuite Professional 7 free for today only

If you are looking for a Office editor for your Android or Amazon device today then I recommend you head over to the source link at the end of the article to download this free today. OfficeSuite Professional 7 is a full Office suite with document, spreadsheet

BBC iPlayer coming to the Google Chromecast very soon

When talking about the Google Chromecast most people say “it would be cool if the BBC iPlayer worked with it”. Well it seems to coincide with the UK release of the Chromecast that people’s prayers have been answered. This below screenshot is from within the Chromecast app.

Pocket Casts for Android now supports the Chromecast

Do you listen to Podcasts? Do you wish you could listen to your podcasts on your TV? Do you own a Chromecast? Well today is your lucky day, last night ShiftyJelly the developers behind possibly the best Android Podcast app added Chromecast support. Which means I and

Get more Galaxy S5 bits on your mobe

We’ve already seen the Galaxy S5 backdrops leak onto the web, now there’s more. The Galaxy S5 apps, including the Samsung Gear Manager and S Note apps, are now available to download as APK files from XDA Developers. Other apps include Watch ON, the S5 Calculator, Gear

Google Drive – Extra storage now cheaper

Using Google Drive? Want more storage? Sure, you could go and get yourself a Chromebook and bag yourself an extra 100GB that way or, you can buy yourself more space. If you get yourself a Google account then there’s already 15GB in there, but now Google have