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Traffic Nation: Street Drivers Review

There is an abundance of car racing games available on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Traffic Nation: Street Drivers reminds me of racers who terrorise your Saturday nights in town and a 80s racing classic where you had to dodge cars because your car was

Five reasons why you need a reading app

I’m not a massive fan of this time of year. The nights here in the UK are getting longer and the days are getting shorter, so I usually like to book a winter break – even if it’s a quick weekend away. Whether it’s a skiing holiday,

Picpal – Selfie sharing and merging, no matter where you are!

Taking a selfie. It’s a term that seems to have taken the world by surprise and, whether you’re at the beach, in the pub or at a restaurant, you’ll see people grouping together to take that all-important selfie shot. What’s great about this, of course, is that

Amazon instant video update. Now you can download movies

Are you a Amazon Instant video user? Well if you are there is an update coming to the app which allows you to download movies or TV shows to your device, so you can watch them off line later. You can only download over a WiFi network

Get Cortana for Android right now…. If you’re in America

Yes, there’s a leaked version out there, but now the Microsoft personal assistant is ready to download from Google Play. You can even have it replace your Google Now functionality if you wish. There’s a couple of caveats though. Firstly, it’s only a beta. Secondly, you can

New BBC iPlayer features announced.

iPlayer is one of the most popular apps out there. The BBC has had great success with it, with a staggering number of downloads per month. To its credit, the BBC routinely updates the app (albeit not the Windows Phone variant). The most recent version brings a

Level up in the gaming industry

My house at the moment sounds insane. My wife and son are both obsessed by the new Angry Birds 2 game that recently launched. It’s not quite the hysteria of the first one, but it’s definitely proving to be a big hit. What I’ve also found, after

Omni Swipe launcher hits 100 million downloads.

Add-on launcher Omni Swipe (previously called Lazy Swipe) has surpassed a milestone only achieved currently by 97 other apps. They’ve hit the 100 million download limit. The theory behind the app is simple. Once installed you get a quarter circle segment displaying the most recent apps you’ve

Conferencing on the go without embarrassing yourself

Just like video conferencing changed the way you connect with your workplace, the increasingly popular mobile video conferencing is triggering an evolution in how and where you connect. Without the need for a stationary computer or a bulky laptop, you can meet with your co-workers and clients

The Angry Birds have returned for a second (?!) adventure

Everybody used to have Angry Birds installed on their smartphone at one point. Now things have changed a little, at least in my opinion. Anyway, despite a FEW Angry Birds versions in-between (y’know, like Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars

Just how secure is your smartphone?

Whether you’re playing World of Goo, Candy Crush Saga, a full-on RPG, or the latest real-money casino games, every mobile user needs to be concerned about security. No-one wants personal details stolen, logins compromised, or credit card information hacked into, but the truth is that attacks are on

Get a bottle of bubbly quickly with taxi app Gett

Gett is an app which lets you grab a black taxi. You can download it on iOS and Android. Now, with intense competition from the likes of Uber, Addison Lee and others, they’re diversifying by offering an on-demand delivery service too. It works thanks to drivers and

Hey Cortana, you’ve got a leaky APK

If you’re an Android user and want to play around with the Windows assistant that is Cortana, you can now download the leaked APK and sideload it here. The voice assistant, which you’ve probably seen on adverts, may or may not be better than Google Now /

TVPlayer announces subscription service for extra channels

We’ve already covered a data-free way to get TV on your tablet this week, but if you want streaming TV shows you can also use the likes of TVCatchup or TVPlayer. Both have got mobile apps, but if you want to get access to premium (paid-for) channels,

Storytime for grownups. Why you should try digital audiobooks

Prologue If you’ve ever taken a class on ancient literature, mythology, or even anthropology, you’ve probably run across “the oral tradition”, mankind’s earliest form of storytelling. Perhaps I’m getting to heavy here, but I’m basically saying that listening to stories rather than reading them was the norm