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Google Play Music + Podcasts

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away… no, not really) in the early days of Android, there was an app called Google Listen. This was one of the earliest podcasts apps. It was really popular and I used to really like it. Why? Because

Google Hangouts losing SMS

Remember Google Talk? Well all those years ago when Android first launched it was the simply the instant messaging app. To be honest I don’t think take-up was that big, but over the years Google Talk was replaced with “Hangouts”, and we all got used to calling

Microsoft swipes SwiftKey. We have the exclusive boardroom transcript *

Well. I guess there’s some sort of logic to this. Perhaps there was a meeting at Microsoft that went something like this… “Hey guys, you bought Swype didn’t you?” “No, not yet. We bought Skype…” “Ohh bugger. I thought we’d bought that software keyboard company…” “No, we

WhatsApp grabs one billion users

Well, personal experience already led me to think that WhatsApp was becoming pretty commonplace, but now we’ve got the figures to back it up. The messaging app now has one billion users sharing 42 billion messages per day, 1.6 billion photos and 250 million videos.   To get

Giving your business cheaper calls with a professional edge

If you’re prepared to do a bit of work then getting cheap calls is relatively easy. There’s a range of solutions if you have a mobile handset, and when you’ve got an internet connection then everything becomes either extremely cheap or totally free. Having a call package

TinyScanner – An app I think is just brilliant

Whether it be Android or Apple, I absolutely love TinyScanner. I’ve used it before, but lately I’ve had to send a load of paperwork to a solicitor (for very boring house-related reasons) and, well, it’s a right old pain in the backside. “You can fax them across”,

WhatsApp becomes free a FreeApp

This is a messaging app which has become hugely successful. Most have installed it without considering the tiny cost which is levied after a year of use. Even with that cost, it’s still way cheaper than sending video and pictures through MMS. Now the owners of WhatsApp,

How to – Download music videos as audio files

I’ve posted about this before, but I do get asked quite a bit and I’m really tired of people telling me that it’s strictly “not legal”. In truth, it probably isn’t if you’re using it to download copyrighted music, but then again so many people know about

Something about the new Star Wars movie and BB8 ringtones

Warning – Someone told us that there were some Star Wars BB8 iPhone ringtones available to download (plus the Android ones here). That’s all there is to it really, but we couldn’t really write a news post that was just one paragraph, so I was asked to

Looking for a Forex app?

I know, I know. You probably haven’t heard too much about it, but Forex does indeed have a following all over the world. In fact, its popularity in the last decade has soared. For me it’s accessible, flexible and exciting. What is it though? It’s basically the foreign exchange market

Strava user has his bikes stolen as home address is revealed

It’s something we’ve reported on before, but sadly someone else has fallen victim after having his bikes pinched. It’s a double-edged sword at times, with people wanting to challenge each other and share their achievements, but you do need to protect yourself. Strava, the activity tracking app

What can parents do to save their kids from Cyber Bullying?

I’m conscious that, as my kids hit their teenage years, it becomes a pretty complicated phase in life. As parents we didn’t really have many of the problems that children have today. They’re now connected to the web and a lot of interaction is done online. We

A few apps to keep you busy over the Christmas break

It’s Christmas, so that will probably mean that you’re heading off to see relatives. Amongst the gifts, the food and the TV, there’s definitely going to be a period where everyone will sit down and generally fall asleep on the sofa. Although we do tend to concentrate

A little extra Christmas cash is always welcome

Yes, it’s that time of year again and we’re all a little bit short on cash right now. I think this year I’ve been a little too sensible and I’ve actually bought all my gifts already, meaning that my bank balance – and any cash set aside

Google Play Music family plan now available in the UK too.

If you like your tunes and the rest of your family does, have a look at this. Right here in the UK you can now get the Google Play Music family plan. You become the “family manager” and basically become responsible for the billing. Then everyone in

Increase your language skills with an Oxford Thesaurus app

I don’t get this. Sorry. I know it’s good and that, but if I’m writing for this particular website and want to come up with a word meaning “fantastic” but, different, I could just go to and get words like “awesome”, “superb”, “unreal” or “marvelous”. However,

Christmas Tree Lights Slow Down Your WiFi

Double checking the date to ensure its not April the 1st, today Ofcom warns Christmas Tree Lights can slow down your home WiFi and have released a smartphone App that allows you to check your connection. The app tests WiFi signals to ensure data flows uninterrupted between

18 fun little games I’ve tried

Do you love gaming, but are looking for some new games to pass the time? You can get started for free at Grizzly. In the meantime, have a look at 18 of the addictive little games I’ve tried that you may not have heard of. Monsters Ate

Additional US numbers and a local presence from flyp

Yesterday I was banging on about making international calls and ways to keep in touch with people that are far away. This is flyp, an app which give you a free US phone number on your smartphone. The app lets you call and text any other American

Samsung pay coming to UK

Samsung pay, which is the company’s mobile payment system, is reportedly coming to the United Kingdom, China and Spain in the first quarter of 2016. Currently only limited to a number of handsets, Samsung Pay, has not been as big as Apple Pay to date. However, one