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Sony Honami phone to have 20 megapixel G Lens [leak]

We all know by now that megapixels are not the be all and end all of smartphones and rather than go from what is on paper it’s best to get real world experience using it. But we all love to see those specs don’t we, this one

Pebble – the watch that connects to your phone

I think I’ve had my Pebble for at least a week now and I can say I really do like it. It’s not massive on the wrist, which was my initial concern, my wife tried hers and said it was just acceptable for her to wear too.

Pebble unboxing and first impressions

Ok, it’s finally here! The last post I made about the Pebble was back in January where I roughly estimated that we’d have our Pebbles with us by the end of March, so my estimate seemed pretty realistic. Those that backed the Kickstarter project are more than

Nexus 4 factory images back on Google Developers page

Recently a group of Canadian devs got the inert 4G chip working on part of the 4G spectrum after using the Google Nexus 4 factory images. They were subsequently pulled from the Google Developers page, probably because of licensing concerns from the chip makers. Anyway they are

Carbon (yet another) Twitter client

So the much hyped Carbon for Android finally makes it onto the Google Play store, if you are not familiar with it then Carbon is basically a twitter client that has a nice interface, thats it. I’m not going to go into a full fledged review of

Pebble shipping 23rd January

Great news everybody! Well great news for Pebble watch Kickstarter backers, Eric Migicovsky announced that Pebble will be Shipping on January 23rd. If you don’t know what a Pebble watch is basically it’s a watch with a ‘epaper’ display [not to be confused with ‘e-ink’ which is

Pebble to make announcement at CES 2013

Pebble backers will be receiving an email hinting at the Pebble watch being shipped some time after CES 2013 with an announcement being streamed live @ 09:00hrs PST (17:00 GMT) on Wednesday 9th January I like many backers can’t wait to get my hands on my new

Nexus chaos

So today is the day [apparently] that those of us that were lucky enough to order a Nexus 4 will receive their shiny new bundles of shiny from the TNT delivery man. There have been sporadic reports of people getting their devices without prior notice from Google

LG Nexus 4 system dump available for download

We all knew it wouldn’t take long, so here it is a full system dump of the Nexus 4. It’s only a matter of time now before we start to see modded versions of the software working on non Nexus devices, we already have a working keyboard and almost

Android 4.2 camera app leaks

  So yesterday we had the Android 4.2 Swype like keyboard leak and today we have the Camera leaking with landscape and portrait panorama and the awesome looking sphere camera. If you haven’t checked out the videos by the Verge of their visit to Mountain View where

How much storage do you need?

With the impending launch of the Google Nexus devices, specifically the Nexus 4 there are a lot of complaints about the lack of storage/expandable storage on the next line of the Nexus devices. First: Google Nexus devices do not and will not have expandable storage on them!

Ubuntu Nexus 7 Installer App Released to Devs

If you have a Nexus 7 you’ll be able to try out Ubuntu on your device now. I tried yesterday and, unlike the OMG Ubuntu posting states, it’s not quite polished as yet. However, as far as you would know it’s just like running Ubuntu 12.10 on

Pebble watch update

For those of you with an interest in the Pebble ‘e-ink’ watch crowd sourced via Kickstarter project an update was sent out this morning, although there were no shipping dates confirmed it looks like Eirc and his team have been hard at work on the product. The

Confirmed – Sony Nexus a hoax

We all had an inkling from the dodgy Sony label on the back of it, but we’ve just had confirmed. The Sony Nexus that ‘leaked’ on Monday was indeed a fake. There’s a quite interesting read on how the ‘faker’ did it too.   News of this

Android binaries update JRO03R

Google Developers updated their binaries for the Nexus line last night with noteworthy changes mentioned by JBQ to be: “for grouper (i.e. Nexus 7), the new binaries support GPS, and include a high-precision touchscreen firmware.” What does this mean for you? If you are on anything other

Horn, the love has gone

I’m not a real mobile gamer, not really a console gamer anymore but after seeing the trailers for Horn I was immediately transported back to playing the Legend of Zelda on my Nintendo Wii and was quite keen to give this game a go. However after buying

Pebble shipping in October?

People are receiving their Kickstarter funded Pebble watch order confirmations today and as an added bonus you can change your mind, I myself ordered two black Pebble’s and received the confirmation email this morning asking me to confirm my shipping address  and my colour preference As you can see the

Horn by Zynga for Android [first impressions] **updated**

The eagerly awaited Legend of Zelda meets Infinity Blade release from Phosphor games was finally released on Thursday for those of you that are unfamiliar with the game Horn was one of the games used to showcase the nVidia Tegra 3 chipset inside the Google Nexus 7

My Phone History – by Scott Spence

Motorola c520 [~1999] My first phone, bought for me by my parents when I was 19 23 it had the latest features like being able to send SMS and a selection of ringtones. An antenna and rubber keys were its distinctive features along with a battery pack