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LG G2 vs Note 3 – camera comparison

Phablets, or just ‘big phones’ if you prefer, aren’t normally associated with great cameras, but the flagship models from both Samsung and LG both have fairly capably 13mp shooters. Therefore, it would be fairly rude not to compare them. Some stand out specifications are as follows Note3

Tesco Hudl Review

It would seem that they are all jumping on the bandwagon.  It started with Amazon and the Kindle Fire who had the place to themselves until Tesco came along with their Hudl and it was announced yesterday that Argos are to start selling their own version of

Tesco Hudl Initial Impressions

Tesco have worked quite hard in the recent past to increase their digital offering.  They have bought Blinkbox for video streaming, We7 for music streaming and Mobcast for digital books.  They have created Clubcard TV and merged their acquisitions in order to create an all in one

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review

It’s fair to say that Samsung’s success with the Galaxy S3 has been nothing short of astonishing. The handset even gave the lauded iPhone 5 a run for it’s money in terms of pure numbers, and for good reason. Great performance, a slim plastic (sorry Samsung, polycarbonate)

Genuine HTC One Double Dip Flip Case – Review

I’m one of those people that always has to have a case on my phone. I usually go through several for each phone I have, as I like the change it brings, and most cases have a flaw of some kind or other. To go with my

LapDawg O-Stand for iPad – Review

I love my iPad. I use it all the time, every day, mostly on my sofa. It is quite heavy though, and slightly uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. That’s where the O-Stand from LapDawg comes in. The O-Stand from LawDawg looks slightly like something

Cut The Rope Time Travel now available

I’m a big fan of Cut The Rope, and noticed yesterday that a new version is out, called ‘Time Travel’. This edition sees the awesome Om Nom travel though time (see what they did there?) meeting ancestors  and gulping down yet more candy. Perhaops they’ll be a ‘Cut

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs the Nexus 4

If you listened to our lovely podcast this week you’ll have heard us discussing the various merits of the Samsung Galaxy S4, in particular, VS other (cheaper) handsets like the Google Nexus 4. I really like my Nexus 4. I like stock Android, it’s whizzy fast and does

Do you fancy TEN TIMES your current battery life?

Battery life. The bane of modern smartphones. We’ve discussed this on the podcast as one of the aspects begging for technology innovation, and it looks like our prayers just might be answered. A team from the United States claim to have invented a new type of battery technology, which provides TEN

My phone obsession, and what drives it

It’s fair to say that ever since I saw a carphone in a Jaguar XJ6 I’ve been obsessed with mobile telephones. Over the last few years I’ve swapped phones around regularly, usually flip flopping between Android and iOS devices. I usually end up going back to the iPhone sooner or

[Update] ASA says T-Mobile full Monty plan not unlimited

Controversy around the T-Mobile ‘Full Monty’ package is nothing new here at Coolsmartphone. See here and here. However, it seems the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have also waded into this particular row. The summary is the ASA have agreed that the plan does NOT offer unlimited access

MWC – How good is the HTC One camera, really?

HTC have been extremely vocal about the camera capabilities of their latest flagship, the HTC One. Having had chance to get hold of the device this week and actually take some photos we decided it would be fun to compare against some other camera phones on the

MWC – Asus transformer Aio PC

As well as the Padfone, Fonepad confusion Asus had the Transformer Aio PC sat in the corner, looking rather lonely. Essentially, the device is an 18.4 inch tablet that has a rather nice looking dock, which also connects to a keyboard and mouse. The clever part is

MWC – Galaxy Note 8 hands on

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 on Sunday, and there are plenty of units here at the Samsung stand. The device feels good, and is quite light, and for some strange reason is capable of taking phone whilst used as a handset. Yes, an 8″ handset. Crackers,

MWC – Nokia wireless car charger hands on

As well as four new devices, Nokia also unveiled some accessories to complement the Lumia range. One of these is the Nokia wireless car charger. When docked in the charger, as well as charging the phone wirelessly, the charger can also open a default application (for example,

Powwaaaaarrr!! (Desk charger review)

This week is going to be a bit of a blinder in the world of technology. There’s a HTC event which HTC have something special to announce. Sony are apparently unveiling something the following day (Playstation 4?), and Coolsmartphone are heading to Mobile World Congress. With

Google Now – Updated. New apps and a widget.

Google Now, the physic Android companion is getting extra functionality. That is, so long as you live in the U.S. There are movie details, including trailers, your tickets, and even when you need to leave for the cinema. There’s ‘real estate’ (property to you and me) information courtesy of Zillow where

Apple iOS 6.1 introduces lock code bug

Oh Apple.. Quality control seems to be slipping at the Californian giant these days. After Vodafone warning users not to update to iOS 6.1 , we now have a potential security issue in iOS 6.1.1 Below is the video demonstrating the glitch, in Spanish, but it’s fairly easy

Nexus 10 – Review

Introduction OK so this device has been out for a while.. but with limited availability we’ve struggled to get hold of a review unit.. well now we have one! You all know about the ridiculously high resolution screen, but how does the rest of  the device perform? What’s the overall experience

Carbon Twitter Client for Android Updated

Apps that make you go ‘ooh, that’s pretty’ are a rare breed on Android, but the newly released Carbon Twitter client is one of those apps. (Free here on Google Play) It has a dark theme, with bold, contrasting large fonts which are most definitely easy on