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Spotify gets massive update on Windows Phone

Poor old Windows Phone, it’s often the forgotten platform and gets lots of things last. Spotify was a prime example, where the app has languished far behind its iOS and Android brothers as they got shiny new features. But today Spotify has shown its Windows Phone app some

Sprng earphone clips – Review

Apple’s EarPods were a nice improvement on their original bundled earphones, but their acoustic shell is a bit slippery, so keeping them in your ears when active can be a challenge.  Step forward Sprngs, which are clips that attach to each EarPod and anchor them in your

Future Sony Smartwatches won’t use Android Wear

Sony have been in the smartwatch game longer than most, developing their own version of Android as their OS of choice on their devices. Such as the LiveView and SmartWatch ranges. With the announcement of Android Wear you might think they’d be perfectly placed to be an

Facebook Paper app launch for iOS in US

Facebook have launched a new app for their social network today – Facebook Paper. This is a new app, but not an entirely new service – more a reimagining of the Facebook news feed. There have already been some great 3rd apps that have taken the basic

Swiftkey for iOS – Sort of

Many Android users are very familiar with Swiftkey’s excellent replacement keyboard, which is one of the best on Android. However, Apple are far more restrictive on custom keyboards – as in you can’t replace the keyboard, only make some enhancements in individual apps. This has obviously been vexing

Been scammed by Cash4phones?

Leigh wrote in October about offers from Cash4phones not being what they ought to be (to put it mildly!), but things have gone from bad to worse. The company is now officially in receivership and the police are looking for the director. If you sent your phone

Channel Tunnel to get coverage from EE

Remember that ludicrous sequence from the first Mission Impossible film – where disaster is averted by a train going into the Channel Tunnel and losing phone signal? Well its going to need a rewrite thanks to EE. EE have announced this morning that they will be providing the

New Metal Pebble watch announced at CES

Pebble have announced a second model at CES tonight – the Steel Pebble. Containing the same internals as the first Pebble, the outside has had a complete overhaul. Out goes the plastic case, and in comes stainless steel, Corning Gorilla glass and a tricolour LED. Importantly the

Ampkit hits v2 – now works with external controllers

The brilliant iOS guitar and bass amp simulator from Agile, AmpKit, has just had a big update and hit version 2.0. Performance and control is the focus in this update, with the introduction of Setlists for grouping setups, as well as MIDI and AirTurn controller support being introduced

Mindnode v3 for iOS7

If you haven’t come across it, Mindnode is a rather good Mind Mapping app for iOS (and OSX). Mindnode has just released version 3, which like lots of apps recently, is exclusive and redesigned for iOS7. The results are quite beautiful, with a new theme, redesigned document

Facebook beta for Windows Phone update – tiles and notifications

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone has received one of its regular updates, and this one is a bit bigger than usual. Notifications and Messages have received big updates, with improved Toast notifications as well as Toast notifications for Messages/Chat. Tiles have also been redesigned, with a variety available,

Problems with Samsung 4.3 updates

We are seeing reports that Samsung and networks are pulling the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 and S4, due to the update causing severe problems. The S3 seems most affected and that is the update that is has currently been pulled by Samsung, but Sky

HTC One 4.3 Sense 5.5 update incoming

After starting in the Far East and US, European HTC One’s are now starting to get the Android 4.3 OTA update. This update includes an update to Sense, including new Blinkfeed options, the ability to disable Blinkfeed, camera and gallery updates and the ability to save articles

Tesco Mobile launches 4G

Tesco Mobile have just announced their 4G offering. With the slightly cheeky tag line of “cheapest premium on the market”, 4G on Tesco’s Mobile will cost you an extra £2.50 a month on top of your current contract. This 4G premium can be added at any time,

iPad Mini 2 Rumour: Gold and Touch ID

As we get closer to the rumoured iPad refresh (everything’s a rumour, even the launch!), we have another tip on what we might see. The details sound plausible and the tip comes from Sonny Dickson; who had some of the most accurate new iPhones pictures before launch.

Instagram gets the iOS7 treatment

Instagram has become the latest iOS app to be updated with a new flat interface to match iOS7. The most noticeable, and beneficial, change is images and videos now cover the full width of the screen, which is nice improvement, especially as it is coupled with higher

GMusic 2 for iOS released – 1 day discount too

GMusic is a Google Music client for iOS in case you hadn’t come across it before. It has just received a major overhaul in both back end and user interface, with the new UI being released as dedicated iOS7 app – GMusic 2. Existing users will benefit

Rightmove available for Windows Phone 8

A notable absentee from Windows Phone, Rightmove, have released the first version of their app for Windows Phone 8. Property apps in general have been notable by their absence from Windows Phone, and this was exacerbated by the Rightmove mobile website not working with IE10 either, but

Cheap refurbished Nexus 7 tablets on

Would you like a cheap Nexus 7? No, we’re not talking about the new 2013 model. :) If you want a cheap one, have some manufacturer refurbished 16GB and 32GB 1st gen Nexus 7s for £99 and £120. These are refurbished by ASUS and sold as

Umbrella 8 Weather app

  One type of app that there seems to be a never ending supply of, on every platform, is weather apps. Some are better than others and some stand out. Umbrella 8 is a weather app for Windows phone that falls into the later category. Lots of apps