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Christmas Gift Ideas for mobile gamers

As you'll all know by now the holiday season is upon us. There's still even a select few of us who like to call it "Christmas" too. If you're looking for a Christmas present idea for a mobile gamer then look no further than Astraware. They

Hidden Smoking Smileys on Treo handsets

This is the smoking Treo smiley. In a world which is rapidly turning against smoking in public it's a little strange to see it appear when Treo users type :! on their phones. On the Treo 650 or 680 you'll get smokey joe when you enter

New sat-nav software – AA Navigator 2007

Looking for some sat-nav software for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC? The AA have just launched AA Navigator 2007 for £79.99 (UK & ROI) or £99.99 for the whole of Europe. The AA tell me that "AA Navigator has been designed for motorists, not for gadg...

Audio X Transmitters ..and the winners are..

Last week we started getting all festive and ran a competition in association with ClickGamer to give away one of three Audio X FM Transmitters. These natty devices let you broadcast your mobile MP3's onto any FM radio so you can bop along as you driv...

iTheater Glasses – TV without the TV!

I love - it's a great place for getting Christmas gifts. Right now they have these rather cool glasses that show your favourite film on miniture TFT screens. It's apparently like watching a 50" screen from a distance of 8.5ft and it comes ...

Samsung i600 Goes Official

It's official - the Samsung "Ultra Messaging" i600. Powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 (Smartphone) this device should be available early 2007 across the Asia Pacific and Europe. It's waded into the contentious "thin" debate by claiming the worlds thinnest... gets pulled offline by

When we first mentioned - a mobile version of YouTube - we loved it. We were slightly worried though. takes YouTube videos and converts them into a mobile-viewable format. But what would think of their service? Wi...

o2 XDA Orbit now available for all customers

Crumbs! It's December 1st! Soon it'll be that time of year when I'll be eating turkey and getting more drunk than usual. So, it's time to think about Christmas presents and top of the list for many people is a sat-nav system like TomTom etc. A

XDA Zinc Coming Soon to o2 UK

We were first to tell you about the availability of the o2 XDA Orbit the other day. This, of course, means that there's room for new handsets on o2's "coming soon" page .. well, lookie here! It's none other than the o2 XDA Zinc with it's

Live radio on your Windows Mobile

Here in the UK we've got a fairly unique setup with TV and radio. There's a huge amount of commercial TV and radio stations but, if you have a TV or radio you have to buy a TV / Radio licence. The money from this goes

Opera Mini – New version now available

Opera have launched a new version of the Java-based internet browser - Opera Mini. The free Web browser is available for all mobile phones and now includes new features such as photo blogging, RSS and secure connections. To install, just browse to Op...

o2 Apollo lands on the web

You're looking at the new o2 XDA Apollo. It's made by Quanta Computer and has just received approval from the FCC. Shown in both black and white it comes with stereo speakers and a familiar mini Pocket PC design. The Apollo comes with a 2 Megapixel ca...

Cingular 8525 now available – only $199.99

Americans are at last getting a decent range of Windows mobile phones. The Cingular 8525 is now available across the USA. We've already reviewed the UK versions such as the Orange SPV M3100 and the T-Mobile MDA Vario II and we were pretty impressed. Y...

WIN! One of three FM transmitters to give away!

If you've got a mobile which is crammed full of MP3's you'll no doubt want to listen them on the move. The excellent Audia X Transmitter will let you do this by broadcasting the output of your device onto an FM frequency of your choice. A

o2 XDA Orbit now available with free sat-nav

Just 20 days ago we were first with the news that o2 UK were getting ready to push the GPS-equipped XDA Orbit. Well, the news gets even better - it's now available to buy from £85.10 and it comes with free CoPilot sat-nav worth £159.99! (Yes,

HTC Cavalier arrives on the web

The Italian people are fantastic. They're responsible for pizza, pasta and some rather excellent cars. They also get scoops, with the first ever shots of the HTC Cavalier showing online here. Looking pretty much identical to the HTC Excalibur it's a w...

Cingular Blackjack – Get it for less, plus tips for owners

The Cingular Blackjack i607 is now available over in the USA. If you're looking to purchase this device then we've got some excellent deals - how about getting it for a mere $49.99?! Interested? Just click here and enter your zip code for availabilit...

T-Mobile Vario II Reviewed

It's been a long time coming, but it's now online here. Our T-Mobile Vario II review contains the usual mountain of photographs, screenshots, videos and details. The Vario II is the T-Mobile version of the HTC Hermes and is also out on various network...

FM Transmitters get the all-clear

You may remember our review of the Audia X Radio Transmitter. Plug it into your phone and it'll broadcast your MP3's to your car radio. It's a cheap and effective way of listening to the music collection on your phone whilst driving. However, after we...

i-mate JAQ3 and PDAL make their debut

i-Mate have now confirmed the release of the i-Mate JAQ3 (left) and i-Mate PDAL handsets. Both devices sport a 2 Megapixel camera, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-fi. i-Mate have also stated that these network-free devices will also cost you less than you might exp...