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Evolution of Radio and TV

See this ? It's called a Sky Gnome. It's gonna be available soon and won't bump up the cost of your Sky TV. It runs on batteries and connects via wi-fi to your Sky box. It'll let you listen to the wide variety of radio stations

o2 XDA Exec in Stuff Magazine

Check out the new o2 XDA Exec in this months edition of Stuff Magazine (UK) where it gets rave reviews. Such a shame o2 aren't promoting it much.. ermm.. at all .. on their website... :( Come on o2.. get in touch! Tell us of your

iMate JASJAR flies off the shelves..

Has anyone got about 600 quid right now ? It appears that a lot of people have, because - as I type - the number of "available handsets" showing on this page have dropped from 877 to 866 !! If you're wadded (loaded / minted /

Eten M600 appears

A couple of interesting devices have appeared here at The Eten M500 runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 SE and has a camera with flash. However, there's also an upcoming Eten M600 which is due to go on sale any day now (right) running Windo...

Blumey! Tonnes more free videos!

11x Free 3gp videos available now:  Axwell_Feel-The-Vibe.3gp  Ciara_Oh.3gp  Craig-David_All-The-Way.3gp  The-Game_Dreams.3gp  Girls-Aloud_Long-Hot-Summer.3gp  Gwen-Stefani_Cool.3gp  Jamiroquai_Seven-Day...

Astraware contest hots up!

Astraware have just sent me this press release. It's good to see that there's some Smartphone people sending in entries too! Even if they are of ..err.. cows.. :)--------------It's week 4 of our Play Anywhere and Win contest and the fourth set of entr...

o2 XDA Mini S Comes to o2 Germany

Looks like o2 Germany are about to start selling the HTC Wizard if this article is anything to go by. This o2 Press Release states that the German carrier will launch the device as the o2 Xda Mini S (no, not the one made by BMW).

C550 – The fight to be THE music phone

A couple of weird stories I've picked up on today which I can't make sense of. Firstly, Liam Billington told me about this rather strange Inquirer article, which talks about ... "(Orange) will release a version of its SPV C550 smartphone featuring Wi...

iMate SP5 and SP5m – More HTC Tornado based handsets appear

Antal van Wijk from has just emailed me about a couple of new handsets from iMate. Yes, you heard right... more new handsets. They're coming from every angle at the minute and I'm extremely happy to say that it's almost difficult to keep ...

HTC Universal spotted browsing a very nice website indeed

A rather interesting bit of CoolSmartPhone promotion over at today (wehay!) in this article. The MDA Pro is shown here browsing in both "portait" and "landscape" formats. There's still a little bit of scrolling needed,...

Orange SPV C600 – Maybe it isn’t such a mystery!

Aye up, here we go again. Yet more news on the Orange SPV C600. We covered this on July 24th when had a grainy photocopy of the handset. Now however we have a full colour graphic. The phone itself looks like a mix of the

Exclusive: o2 XDA Exec launching this month

Here it is people, the o2 Xda Exec. Available this month on o2. It's the "latest and most advanced evolution of the Xda family" and it's.. yes, the HTC Universal again. We can now add this to the increasing list of brand-names - T-Mobile MDA Pro,

Midtown Madness 3 Reviewed

Following our earlier story, there's a great review by AWarner of Midtown Madness 3 over here at He says of the game.."Initially I found the controls took time to get used to, but with a bit of practise the basic movement with the controll...

Technical details of HTC Universal (M5000 / MDA Pro)

Full specs of the HTC Universal (SPV M5000 / T-Mobile MDA Pro / i-Mate JASJAR) are now available. They can be found below (click "Read more" if you need), or you can check them out at the source here at Club iMate It's a sure sign that

Motorola Q coming Q1 2006 to Verizon USA?

According to this story, the Motorola Q could well be appearing on Verizon Wireless in Q1 2006. The news comes from a conference and a Motorola rep ... "Everything that I've read about the Moto Q has talked about a GSM device....

o2 XPhone IIm – Look, it’s the C550 in disguise :)

Whilst looking for more information on the o2 X-Phone II I found the website, which has a plethora of handsets - all made by HTC (oh how I wish I'd bought some shares in THAT company a few years ago!). The handsets sell mostly in

Exclusive: o2 XPhone II in the UK

Neil Deadman has emailed in to say... "I went into my local O2 shop the other day, and picked up a brochure. To my amazement, there was a listing for the O2 Xphone II with contract for free!!" "I've heard no mention of this on any site!" It's true.