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New version of Skype for Pocket PC released

The new version of Skype for your Pocket PC is now available here. It brings many new features including support for multi-chat, SkypeIn, voicemail, call forwarding, profile editing and stacks more plus bug fixes. You'll need a Pocket PC with a 400Mhz...

Tweak your Hermes!

If you've got a new M3100, Vodafone v1605, Vario II or any other version of the HTC Hermes then you should definitely check out this Hermes Tweaker. It's a friendly front-end for a lot of registry edits and will let you turn plugins on and off,

HTC Trinity and Artemis in blurry picture shocker

We've seen some blurry pictures in our time but this takes the biscuit! This, apparently, is the first "real" shot of the HTC Artemis we mentioned the other day and the rather stumpy-looking HTC Trinity. Both of these have on-board GPS, WiFi and 2 meg... – More picture codes !

It seems like just minutes ago we were telling you about QR Codes and how good they were etc. Well, it turns out there's something else out there called which produces..err.. circle codes. Again it's a similar idea. Point your camera phon...

HTC 2006 Roadmap online

TyTN, MTeoR, Artemis, Excalibur, Melody, Oxygen, Trinity. Sure, they may sound like members of a crime-fighting team but in reality they all form part of the HTC 2006 Product Roadmap. This has just appeared here at Bengalboy has an... "...

HTC MTeoR – First impressions

Neil at Conchango has taken a look at the HTC MTeoR, which we've also seen as the Orange SPV C700. It scores highly on most counts although the battery life appears to let it down with two charges per day needed to keep it going. Also the

Exclusive : T-Mobile UK Launch the MDA Vario II

Earlier we exclusively revealed that T-Mobile UK were to release their version of the HTC Hermes - the Vario II. Now it's out in public with the official press release from T-Mobile UK below.Featuring Windows Mobile 5.0, push-email and using the T-M...

iMate to release HTC Hermes as JasJam

As predicted some time back the new iMate Jasjam is indeed the HTC Hermes. Known elsewhere as the Orange SPV M3100, T-Mobile MDA II etc this is the first time we've seen pictures of the new iMate device complete with branding. Link -

HTC Artemis – GPS-tastic!

With all this talk of the HTC Excalibur you'd think HTC were busy enough, but no. Here's the HTC Artemis which, if my sources are right, could be landing on a very well known UK network very soon. It features Windows Mobile 5 (PPC) running on

HTC Hermes unlocker available

No sooner is the handset out and yes, there's an unlocker for it. This time it's the HTC Hermes, aka the Orange SPV M3100, T-Mobile Vario II, Vodafone v1605, etc etc. So, who's responsible for network unlocking this device? Yup, it's ...

A quarter of a million and still going strong!

You may have noticed a lack of "Fun Time Friday" material today. The reason? Well, I've been keeping my eye on something. To be honest it's distracted me enough to miss the regular Friday video we post. What is it? Well, at around 11.40pm this evening...

A good idea from Orange

Ever had your phone stolen? Did it make you want to scream out loud? Well, soon you will be able to get your phone to do it for you ... from the very pocket of the light fingered dirtbag who stole it from you!According to this

Skweezer Nominated for an award

Skweezer, which we've raved about previously, have yet again been nominated for a Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Best Software Award. After becoming a finalist last year they're obviously hoping to beat the NetFront browser this year. Skweezer is a f...

Cortado Instant EMail

Cortado are now offering direct push email to your handset for €4.98 per month. Using the Microsoft Direct-Push technology Cortado remove the need for Exchange Server setup and configuration. They also have an offer giving 2 months free service if y...

Live local info and maps on your handset

I've been an Orange customer for years, however I must confess that I've not used Orange World much. The last time I used it was to buy one of those "calling tunes" that play to people who ring you. Last night however I was stuck in

Flying without gadgets

Keeping this site updated means I have to visit a lot of tech sites around the globe to keep up with the latest gossip. Yesterdays terror plot seems to have filtered into gadget sites, with many webmasters annoyed at having to pack away their precious...

SPV M3100 – Upgrades now being taken?

More news from "the front" regarding that Orange SPV M3100 we've been telling you about. Adam has just put a post up stating that he's managed to get one on upgrade! It seems that Orange have now started to take upgrade orders on this handset so

Palm Treo 750v Pictures and Cingular launch to come?

Ahh look! More pictures of the Palm Treo 750v. You may recall our earlier story featuring a launch on Vodafone UK. Well, it looks like Engadget Mobile have blown the lid on a Cingular launch in the USA too. These blurry shots show the 750v running

Feedback forum improvements

I've been fiddling around with the feedback forum and added in a new attachment system. This will allow you to add files and pictures to your posts quickly and easily. It's not intended to be a replacement to the downloads system but it will let you

Orange SPV M3100 Pictures

We've just got hold of some excellent shots of the Orange SPV M3100 handset. Given the level of interest I've published all these shots below. Take a look! Have you managed to get one ? Do you have pictures? Send them in to us or add your