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Logging in to CoolSmartPhone

OK, it's come to my attention that a few of you are having issues logging into us. What should happen is that the site will detect your previous log-in and welcome you by saying, "Hello (username)!" at the top (if you've chosen "remember me"). A few

Motorola Q – My first impressions

Hey hey! Look what I've got! :) Well, sort-of. :) I actually had chance to have a play with one of these this afternoon and I managed to get my first impressions of the device. It's certainly come a long way since the very early unit

Motorola Q – Unboxed! attended a reviewers event yesterday for the new Motorola Q, coming next week on Verizon in the USA. They got shots of the Verizon-packed Motorola Q along with its' optional Bluetooth headphones which look very slick indeed. Link - M...

HTC Hermes – the JasJam? have spotted this store which calls the HTC Hermes (aka the T-Mobile MDA II / o2 XDA Trion) the iMate JasJam. Yes, JasJam. We're counting the days now - surely after having the iMate JasJar, K-Jam and JAMin they can't be far away from...

o2 XDA Trion – the Hermes – coming to o2 Germany

TheUnwired have news on the HTC Hermes, which has just appeared on the o2 shop in Germany as "Coming Soon". Here it is, along with it's o2 XDA branding and "Trion" name. It's got a 2 megapixel camera plus another QCIF one on the front for

YubNub chooses Skweezer Technology

In AOL-land they love to use "keywords". For example, if you enter "grammy awards" you'll get the official Grammy Awards site if you're an AOL member and nothing else. seeks to do something similar and, by using their site and entering a "c...

TrueConnect v1.1 – Now control all Windows Mobile devices!

The excellent TrueConnect lets you use your mouse to control your Smartphone merely by moving the pointer off the side of the screen. Back in January you may remember I said, "'s only available for Smartphones, although there is a Pocket PC versio...

Moto Q to land May 31st

Yes, yes. I know - you've already heard this a million times, however it's now set in stone. The Motorola Q will definitely launch on May 31st. Motorola and Verizon Wireless have confirmed the date in this press release which states.."Moto Q is excl...

Moto Q vs Samsung i320 Video

With the Motorola Q coming out .. ermm.. sometime soon and the Samsung i320 snapping wildly at its' heels it's great to see another video of the two together.This video, which can be seen on the "Read more" link below, was captured at Tech-Ed

RUZero Game Pack and Gyroid – Gamers rejoice

Monday. Miserable isn't it? There's thunderstorms, it's dark, it's wet, it's windy.. where's the summer gone? Well, never mind because we've got some excellent gaming news to cheer you up. Right now, for a mere £9.05 (about $16.97 / €13.31) you can...

Brilliant free SIM Contact importer

Well, I'm slowly sobering up from my stag do last night and it's great to see yet more excellent, free and very useful sotware. This, for the many people who've asked me over the years, is the ideal solution for importing your SIM contacts into your

Motorola Q Exclusive to Verizon

It's here! Well almost.. Honest, no, really, it is. The Motorola Q, which we spotted almost a year ago, should be out next week on Verizon Wireless in the USA. This teaser site has just popped up with a cool video of the device along with

Daily News and Photo Sharing courtesy of WpN

If you're looking for a new way to get daily news stories delivered directly to your device or you want to share photos with your friends and family without paying huge MMS charges then WpN Mobile, created by photo agency World Picture Network, is wel...

JDSkins Challenge Contest are currently holding a homescreen challenge contest. This is the second such contest and it's up to you guys to help decide the winner. To ensure fairness you do have to register on their website then there's six to choose from here. Don'...

Vodafone Updates for v1640, Qtek 9100 and v1240

This rather random page is now home to all the AKU2 (push e-mail) updates for the Windows Mobile handsets on Vodafone. The v1640, Qtek 9100 and v1240 updates are here and will prove essential if you intend to use the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and...

Samsung i770 Pocket PC Phone

This my friends is the Samsung i770, yet more proof that Samsung is on a serious mission to bring us some hot new Windows Mobile kit. Although it's some way off a full release it's presence on the FCC website, who approve handsets for use, is

Fizz Traveller gets an update

Fizz Software have announced that Fizz Traveller 2.3 has been released for both Pocket PC and Smartphone. The extra-specially-good news is that this is a free upgrade for all registered users of version 2.x. But wait! What is Fizz Traveller ? Well it'...

Cool services for Orange customers

I spent part of last week with Orange and I've learned a surprising amount about what they do and some services I wasn't even aware of. First up was Orange Photography which is a fantastically easy way to set up an online gallery of pictures for

World Cup updates in your pocket!

In just a few days the biggest event of the year is to take place. People from all over the land will be huddled together to watch and no doubt it'll be a rollercoaster of emotions. Yes, you've guessed it, me and Emily are getting married.

Microsoft and TechFaith sign agreement

You may remember the TechFaith Wireless handsets we featured back in April. It now appears that TechFaith are tightening their ties with Microsoft by signing an agreement to work closely with sales, marketing and technology. Using the Windows Mobile a...