Uiee – The portable charger with a difference.


Think of the smartphone in your pocket. It’s more powerful than your home PC was a few years ago and from this pocket-sized device you can access the entirety of knowledge known to man… Or look at cat pictures. However, all this functionality requires power and battery power is the modern smartphone’s Achilles heel.

Hence the portable power pack category, but this area is now flooded – just have a look on eBay or Amazon as an example. So, companies wanting to start in this area of business will have to differentiate their product from the rest.

I recently got contacted by Uiee who wanted to tell me of their portable charging solution with a difference. The charger is small and pocketable (like many others) and it comes in variety of colours (like many others). It looks really well designed, unlike some of the others, but here’s the main difference – the Uiee is actually a wall charger that has a inbuilt battery for portable power.

You plug in the Uiee to charge your smartphone overnight, then come the morning you just unplug, fold in the pins and pop it in your pocket/bag for your mobile charging solution. Pretty neat.


The Uiee is available for both iOS (with a lightening connector) and other smartphones using the micro USB standard. Uiee is currently just starting out on the crowd funding site Indiegogo, with a very achievable goal of just $4000, so check it out here if you’d like to find out more.

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