• mpw

    Prices will rise; they have to to pay for the investment in LTE and newer, more expensive phone subsidies. Provided the increase is minimal to zero (highly unlikely) plus, and it’s a big plus the data allowance is significantly increased it may be a winner. But, what is the allowance you need (as opposed to want)? Check your current monthly allowances and add a bit more (say 30%, because LTE will impel you to download more) and what do you come up with as an average? Unlimited is never achieved but perhaps 3GB or 5GB or perhaps it really is 20GB+??

  • http://twitter.com/mobilemandan Dan Carter

    I use Three and their One Plan. Last month I got through 10GB but normally 5GB is enough


    The Most important needed features to me are as follows…

    1.TRUE Unlimited Internet (not limited unlimited like other networks do..how they get away with that is explaned only by full unmarked brown envelopes to the regulators)).
    ie.I want EVERYTHING
    2. That after bothering to spend my money on Ture unlimited internet i don’t want it to be ‘LIMITED’ to just my phone…I WANT TETHERING TO BE ALLOWED….or how will I use my laptop to book a flight and print the ticket easily for Example, or watch BBC i player in a bigger screen…or get windows updates to the operating system. I want what I could do when I had home WIFI…but I want to now do this EVERYWHERE.
    At the moment I CAN’T GET 4G on THREE , and the Full Monty plan on T-mobile does not allow me to get EVERYTHING (Tethering) ‘Anywhere’.
    If I don’t get satisfactory good news on Tuesday (I want as it says ‘EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE’) I will Leave T-mobile after more than 10 years (previously known as ONE2ONE) and move my number to Three and wait for them to get 4g and hope they do it properly.